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Governor Gregoire

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While most heads will be turned toward the other Washington this month (Inauguration Day is January 20), we have our own swearing in to do here at home. On January 14th, Governor Christine Gregoire will officially begin her second term. Since she’s already braced for a grim slate of budget slashing, we thought we’d add a little to-do list of our own to her chores.

  • Ask Tim Eyman to start a “teams that lose must move” initiative. We need something to cheer about, and the dismal records of the Mariners, and Seahawks, Husky and Cougar football teams just aren’t cutting it. Replacements, please! (And while you’re at it, can you get our Sonics back?)
  • Update your wardrobe with garments by local designers, a la Michelle Obama (who prides herself on wearing Chicago-made clothes). Our boutiques need that kind of stimulus package—and wouldn’t it be nice to step out in something other than a business suit?
  • Follow Mayor Nickels’ lead, and put a statewide bag tax before the legislature. Where the environment is concerned, even doing a little can mean a lot.
  • With all that budget slashing, you may need to beef up your personal protection. We have two words for you: pit bull. (If a breed ban ever passes, there may be a few around Seattle that need good homes.)
  • And finally, be sure to come up to the big city for a night on the town. You can take 99-North across the Viaduct…er, if it hasn’t crumbled yet. Maybe we should move that one to the top of the list.