Seattle's Best Neighborhoods in 2011

Seattle’s most livable, walkable destination neighborhoods. Plus, what it costs to move in now
Shannon O'Leary  |   March 2011   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION
Seattle Neighborhoods Illustration

Neighborhoods are like family members. They all have distinct personalities. Some may evince a casually cool charm, while others have a decidedly dynamic vibe. The best offer up their own compelling mix of restaurants and retail, sundries and services, daytime and nighttime diversion options.

Make no mistake. We adore Ballard Avenue. Can’t get enough of the Pike/Pine corridor. Queen Anne will always be royalty. They are the shining jewels in Seattle’s crown. But other neighborhoods are just as compelling, just as enticing. Where some are just beginning to emerge, others are as comfortable as morning slippers. Their commonality is a distinctiveness rooted in livability, accessibility, walkability. These are the sweet streets shaping Seattle’s future, and we love spending time on them.

Westlake Avenue North, South Lake Union
12th Avenue, Capitol Hill
Greenwood Avenue North, PhinneyWood
24th Avenue Northwest, Ballard
Upper Fremont Avenue North,
Rainier Avenue South, Columbia City
Airport Way South, Georgetown
34th Avenue, Madrona


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