Seattle's First-Ever Vlogger Fair

The nerd report: Breakthroughs and news from the local geek crew

If you've always dreamed of starring in a reality TV show, you’ll be in good company at the city’s first-ever Vlogger Fair. Hosted by local digital media geek Chris Pirillo, the conference brings together established vloggers to discuss how and why they vlog, and to reveal how video diaries can earn hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers and views. “It’s storytelling,” Pirillo says. “A random ‘slice of life’ video is a one-off; a vlog potentially never ends” (which, depending on the vlog, can be a good or bad thing). Vloggers and wannabes are invited to meet influential “lifecasters,” including CTFxC (of Internet Killed Television), iJustine and ShayCarl, who will be filming for his forthcoming documentary I’m Vlogging Here! If you’re ready to hoist your own selfie-cam, join local social media maven Jenni Hogan and other metanarrative junkies in launching your first vlog right on the spot. 6/8–6/9. Times and prices vary. Pre-registration encouraged. Port of Seattle, Terminal 5, 3520 26th Ave. SW;