Seattle's Social Media Stars: A Tail of Three Frenchies

What is it with Seattleites and their photogenic French Bulldogs?

@frenchiebutt 561K
“Bedbound butterball. Mustached mush. Narcoleptic nugget. Squishy Seattleite,” reads the bio on Milo’s Instagram account, which—as you might expect—features photo after photo of the pudgy little pup snuggled up in the sack.

Sir Charles Barkley
@barkleysircharles 470K // “Barkley the French Bulldog” 22K
It’s a dog’s life, as they say, and we should all be so lucky as to live like north Seattle’s Barkley. He’s not only mingled with stars like Ciara and singer Christina Perri, he’s a celebrity in his own right. He’s appeared at charity events, graced a Hallmark card, served as a spokespup for a national dog treat brand and even launched his own line of branded apparel (for both people and dogs).

@EdgartheFrenchie 11K
Rescue dog Edgar now lives the high life in West Seattle, and can occasionally be spotted hard at work as the “office dog” at Molly Moon’s corporate HQ on Capitol Hill.

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