Sex in our City: Eat, Dine, Love


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Seattle’s dining scene offers countless opportunities to pump up the romance—after all, there’s nothing sexier than shooting each other sultry looks amid clinking glasses, glimmering candlelight and a tantalizing meal. Here are some of our favorite perches for love pigeons to coo at each other.

Chez Shea (Downtown, 94 Pike St., Suite 34; 206.467.9990): In a sweet spot overlooking the Pike Place Market, this French favorite still has beaucoup appeal for lovers young and old.

The Harvest Vine (Madison Valley, 2701 E Madison St.; 206.320.9771): The intimate bar at this Spanish tapas mecca offers ample chances for a titillating game of knee meets knee.

Eva Restaurant and Wine Bar (Green Lake, 2227 N 56th St.; 206.633.3538): The sparkling lights and richly painted walls of this Tangletown treat envelop diners in a rosy, aromatic world.

Olivar (Capitol Hill, 806 E Roy St.; 206.322.0409): The tiny space only adds to the allure of this delicious Spanish-French bistro—you practically have to sit in each other’s laps.

Boat Street Café (Belltown, 3131 Western Ave.; 206.632.4602): Don’t be fooled by the industrial building—the restaurant inside is cozy, charming and unforgettable.

Monsoon East (Bellevue, 10245 Main St.; 425.635.1112): The second outpost of Seattle’s beloved contemporary Vietnamese restaurant is much sexier than its older sibling, and the food is equally as intoxicating.

The Pink Door (Downtown, 1919 Post Alley; 206.443.3241): There’s just something irresistible about this Italian standby—maybe it’s the descent from the stairs into the darkened dining room, or maybe it’s that secret pink door.