Top Affordable Stylists $50 or less

The economy may be shaky, but some things never change: You still need a haircut, right? We searched

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Andrea Berg
Tonic Salon
Bryant, 3406 NE 55th St.

Cuts, $50; single-process color, $60; foils, $85 and up  Expertise: Making natural textures work for people to achieve “effortless hair.”  
Biggest hair peeve: “People who cut their own bangs.” 
Celeb hair I covet: “Giselle [Bundchen]’s hair and Blake Lively on Gossip Girl—she’s got great hair.”  Favorite hair trend: “I’m liking the short, textured hair, like Katie Holmes’.” 
One hair product to have on a desert island: “Kevin Murphy’s Gritty Business—it’s a great volumizing texturizer.” 
If I wasn’t a hair stylist, I’d be: “A personal shopper.” 
If you give me free rein, I’ll: “Open [a client’s] eyes to stepping out of their comfort zone. If they’ve always had long hair, I’ll shorten the length, add some layers and maybe some peek-a-boo highlights.”

Jeff Carlson 
Phase 3 by Gary Manuel Salon
2123 First Ave.

Price: Cut, $35; single-process color, $50 and up; foils, $82 and up 
Expertise: “Edgy, hip, outside-the-box hair—I like pushing the envelope.” 
Biggest hair peeve: “Not doing something you want to do to your hair because of what someone else thinks, like, ‘I kind of want to go short, but my boyfriend likes long hair.’” 
Celeb hair I covet: “Agnes Dean’s and Rihanna’s. I like the fact that [both of their styles are] short and bold, so they sort of make a statement with their hair. It’s not your typical long layer like a lot of celebrities have.” 
Favorite hair trend: “Androgynous looks—girls with short hair, boys with long hair. I love that.” 
One hair product to have on a desert island: “Aveda Control Paste.” 
If I wasn’t a hair stylist, I’d be: “Playing music.” 
If you give me free rein, I’ll: “Do something probably shorter, funky, edgier with some sort of disconnection and…not your normal hair color—not blond foils. I like to do more color paneling. Something with more of a bold statement and not as soft.”