Vino Volo Wine Bar: Your Sea-Tac Airport Savior

By: Julien Perry | Posted June 23, 2014
Two glasses, one bottle ($13).

It’s Monday, which means the majority of us are likely (still) in wanderlust mode. 

I happen to be at Sea-Tac Airport as I write this—heading to Walla Walla to work on a piece for our October issue, which brings me to the crux of this breezy Monday blog post sponsored by bubbly.

I’m sitting at my go-to spot: Vino Volo. It’s a wine bar, so it automatically gets overlooked by most morning travelers. But here’s why I highly recommend this place. First, you can order a drink, if that wasn't obvious. This Champagne hybrid (pictured) is $13 and is easily two glasses. Want a mimosa? The staff here actually encourages you to go next door to Dish D’Lish and grab some O.J. to pour into your flute. And if you are a nervous flyer, keep your O.J. cup (at least 8oz) and pour the champagne directly into it—skip the fancy stemware all together—and head to your flight with your makeshift road soda in hand.  

But here’s where things get interesting. If you have work to do, Vino Volo has its own separate WiFi, which is actually faster than Sea-Tac’s. Plus, the chairs are incredibly plush and comfy and the soundtrack in pleasant (jazz, R&B, nothing too assaulting). The food is pretty great, too, especially the charcuterie board ($17). Don’t you dare look at the nutritional information—that’ll just kill your buzz. Simply look at the bounty of cheese, meats, pickled things, nuts and dried fruits, acknowledge it’s pretty, eat it and move on.

So there you have it. Vino Volo. Why not start your trip off on the right foot? And yes, I'll have another glass. Thank you!