A Win for Skin

A new local skin-care line takes a minimalist approach.
harman london

If a slew of late-night holiday parties has left your complexion feeling less than sparkling, you may find salvation in newly launched Harman London skin care. Based in Olympia, Harman London (the name combines founder Ross MacQuarrie’s middle name and hometown) takes a minimalist approach to skin care, with products free of parabens, sulfates and pore-clogging gunk.

“Whenever possible, we choose plant- or mineral-derived ingredients, not those from animals or petroleum,” MacQuarrie says. Try the popular dead cell exfoliator ($15.99), which soothes skin with rice bran and jojoba micro-beads, or the time-release moisture boosting gel ($20.75) with naturally hydrating algae extract. Also explore the lovely line of candles and diffusers in multiple scent combinations, ranging from soft lilac, rose and peony to earthy juniper and sandalwood.

Available online only; harmanlondon.com