A World Premiere Dance at On The Boards

Local performance artists Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey invent new ways of seeing

!--paging_filter--pChoreographer Zoe Scofield combines her training as a classical ballerina with a grotesque physicality that seems to come from a primal place—a netherworld writhing just beneath our own skin. Her artistic and romantic partner, Juniper Shuey, uses video of Zoe/Juniper dancers to haunting effect, projecting moving images on translucent scrims as live performers move among them. For their new piece, BeginAgain, the Seattle-based duo spent a year conducting studies—public, sometimes interactive explorations of different ways an audience can experience a performance—one of which, at the a href="http://seattlemag.com.239elwb01.blackmesh.com/article/frye-art-museum-go..."Frye Art Museum/a, involved creating partial plaster casts of dancers as they froze in position. “We were playing with trying to calcify movement in space, so you could see what had come before, and what was ahead,” Scofield says. Suspended on invisible strings, and in combination with the dancers and video, the cast torsos and arms give the sense that these ghostly shapes have been dancing here all along, and will persist long after the performance has ended. 3/27–3/30. 8 p.m. $20. On the Boards, 100 W Roy St.; 206.217.9888; a href="http://www.ontheboards.org" target="_blank"ontheboards.orgnbsp;/a/p

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