Wraphabillement's Wundercoat!

A savvy new coat line brings you outerwear that multitasks as well as you do.

When Elizabeth Roberts, a former Microsoft recruiter, philanthropist and busy mom of three, added yet another accolade to her résumé with a fashion line late in 2011, she blamed it on her iPhone.

“Our phones work harder than ever and do so many different things,” she explains. “I started to wonder why none of my coats seemed to multitask as well.”

Thus, the Madison Park–based designer’s outerwear line Wraphabillement (a fusion of “wrap” and the French word for wardrobe) works like Speedy Gonzalez, going downhill, on a sugar high: The sleek, functional jackets are made out of specialty Swiss Schoeller C-change fabric (the molecules in the weave expand and contract with temperature changes) and are full of practical details, including forearm pockets in sleeves to stash keys, a pocket shield that blocks cell phone waves and built-in mitts to keep hands warm.

The two-model collection currently includes the flattering, form-fitting “Le Sportif” trench ($745, seen in the spring Fashion Forecast,) and “Le Romantique” waist-length jacket ($695) with French-pleated trim; more designs will come next fall.

Available at area Nordstrom stores and wraphabillement.com.


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