Our Picks for Where to Eat, Shop and Entertain Yourself This Week

Avatar: The Exhibit
Through September -
Hop on your mountain banshee, plug in your braid and fly to the Science Fiction Museum, where an extensive new exhibit offers a look behind the scenes of James Cameron’s latest fictional universe. Avatar: The Exhibit features concept models, original sketches, costumes and props from the blockbuster film, including a full-size Amplified Mobility Platform exo-suit, which looks a bit like Ripley’s power loader (from another James Cameron sci-fi movie, Aliens) if it were hopped up on steroids. Na’vi nerds will feel like they’ve landed at the Hometree, with interactive exhibits that show how motion-capture and 3-D technology made the characters come to life, and scientific explanations of Pandora’s “natural” universe. Stock up on blue body paint—it’s going to be at a premium. Times and prices vary. EMP/SFM, 325 Fifth Ave. N; 206.770.2700; empsfm.org.

Northwest New Works Festival
Friday - Sunday (6/10-6/12) -
Seattle’s annual northwest new works festival is the perfect way for the uninitiated to dip toes into performance art. Featuring dance, theater and music by established and emerging Northwest artists—including local choreographers Haruko Nishimura and Shannon Stewart—each piece is less than 20 minutes long. Additional performances 6/17-6/19. Times and prices vary. On the Boards, 100 W Roy St.; 206.217.9888. ontheboards.org


Summer Flick at Valley 6
Saturday (6/11)
- When was the last time you went to a drive-in movie? If you’re over the age of 20, you probably have a lot of fond childhood or teenage memories surrounding the drive-in! Nowadays, drive-in theaters are few and far between across America, but our friends at Red Tricycle have created this nifty guide for navigating your trip down south. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Valley 6 in Auburn, 401 49th Street NE, Auburn; 253.854.1250. valleydriveins.com/home


Deming Logging Show
Saturday & Sunday (6/13 & 6/14) -
Axe throwing! Pole falling! Speed climbing! Stand block chop! The 49th Annual Deming Logging Show honors our region's history with some of the manliest competitions ever conceived. 3295 Cedarville Road, outside Bellingham; 360.592.3051; demingloggingshow.com

Taco Dinner at Sitka and Spruce
Monday (6/13)
- The folks at Sitka and Spruce add their twist to the Monday night dinner trend with a weekly new menu featuring bold Mexico-City style tacos stuffed with familiar (chorizo, flank steak) and adventurous fillings (milk soaked beef belly). With $2.50 Rainiers and taco plates starting at $9, this meal is already becoming a weekly ritual among food industry pros. 1531 Melrose Ave. E; 206.324.0662; sitkaandspruce.com/mondays.html