Beauty Break: Bespoke Colour Collection from Butter London

Crazy for color at Butter London

In the last few years, we’ve all become much more brave with our nail polish color choices, forgoing basic, boring red with all shades of blues, greens, yellows and more done up with crystals, stripes and other patterns, textures, pictures. The possibilities are endless.

Local nail polish brand, Butter London, has been at the forefront of this lacquer revolution with cheeky colors galore, named after all manner of Brit slang (Champers, Geezer, Gobsmacked to name a few). This summer, they’ve upped the ante by releasing the Bespoke Colour Cosmetics Collection, a new line that includes mascara, cream eye shadow, eye pencils, tinted lip balms and cream blush in equally dramatic shades, including Indigo Punk (a vibrant purple), Inky Six (electric blue) and Jaded Jack (intense, shimmery green), among others.

I’m particularly taken by the Indigo Punk eye shadow as well as the Inky Six mascara. It’s been years since I’ve played around with colored mascara, maybe even decades, but I like it. Why not have fun with color? Life’s too short for neutrals all the time. If you’re intrigued, but apprehensive, the Butter London site has all sorts of inspiration and how-to’s, based on the advice of Global Colour Ambassador Katie Hughes, who is also a celebrity makeup artist and manicurist, and worked closely with the Butter London team to create the line.

With 28 individual products, ranging in price from $18 for eye pencils and shadows to $20 for mascara, balm and cream blush, all available at Ulta stores and online at Butter London, you can be a bombastic beauty risk taker without breaking the bank.