Beauty Break: Oha Skincare

Oha's Sugar Scrub and Cleansing Milk

For many years throughout my 20s and early 30s I worked as an herbalist (before becoming a shopping writer, natch) and have been interested primarily in natural beauty products since then. I like to put the purest ingredients possible on my body, just like I like to put the purest food (and best wine) in my body.

Which is why I’m having a major moment with Oha BioActive Organic Skin Care, a skincare line created in Seattle by Martha Buldain, also a student of herbalism and aromatherapy and all those other alternative therapies. Oha is chockfull of good stuff for your skin, such as unrefined fruit and vegetable oils, CoQ10, argan oil, MSM, coconut oil and Seabuckthorn, and devoid of all the bad things for your skin, like parabens.

My current fave product from Oha is the Hydrating Mist, with minerals from the Great Salt Lake, green tea extract and vanilla essence. I spray it on my face obsessively because it not only calms down and moisturizes my skin, but it makes me feel more relaxed, which is something I’d pay a lot of money for these days, making the $29 for the mist a screaming deal.

I haven’t tried one thing from Oha that I didn’t love. And although I did find the scent of the cleansing milk a little challenging at first (thanks to the vibrancy of the unrefined oils she uses), it has grown on me and turns out I have pretty much never used anything better for my skin than that cleanser.

Oha is available online at their website, at Sugar Plum spa and, lucky for you, at Gilt (at almost 60 percent off!) for a limited time. Look good. Be well.