$10 Game and Wine Tasting with Sheridan Vineyard

Big and small game meat is becoming the name of the game lately. Hunting is getting more popular with a resurgence among city slickers like us, and restaurants have high quality sources for farm-raised game (in many states, including Washington, restaurants can’t offer hunter-caught game on their menus, so yes, your wild boar burger grew up on the farm and was wild in temperament only). Local chefs look to Pacific Northwest sources like Nicky Farms in Portland, Oregon for elk, buffalo, rabbit, venison, pheasant and duck, and to Anderson Ranch in Oregon’s Willamette Valley for quality lamb.

If you’re wondering about new, sophisticated game flavors or even “What wine is best with elk?”  Sheridan Vineyard has some good answers, and on Sunday they are offering game and wine tastings in Woodinville. It’s a quick and delicious way to learn more about this trend.

Sheridan Vineyard chef John Caudill will have three kinds of game meat to pair with wine on Sunday: elk, venison and lamb.  The menu for the day is:

  • Elk medallions with a demiglace of wine and blueberries, which will be paired with Sheridan L’Orage, a 2/3 cabernet sauvignon/1/3 cabernet franc aged in new and old French oak.
  • Venison skewers will likely be paired with a Sheridan syrah. Chef Caudill says the wine choice may change after he tastes the venison, so the final pairing will be revealed at the event Sunday.
  • Lamb sausages with Moroccan spicing and a rosemary gremolata will meet Sheridan Mystique, a merlot-based red wine with black fruit notes to compliment the lamb’s richness.

The event is 12-5pm at Sheridan's tasting room, 18564 142nd Ave NE Woodinville, and costs $10 per person

Space is limited and reservations are required. Please RSVP with your last name and the number of people attending to 425-401-0167 before 5pm Friday, December 10; or e-mail info@sheridanvineyard.com