A Chat With Martha (Yes, THAT Martha)

Teriyaki, people. Martha Stewart wants to talk to me about teriyaki.

Wha? Huh? No, I've got no expertise on the matter. I like the stuff as much as the next gal for everyday convenience: it's cheap, good enough, quick. I grew up here, so I grew up on it. But no one is more dumbfounded yet excited than I am to talk to her majesty Martha than I am, and if teriyaki's the topic, then so be it. Frankly, I'd talk to her about tuna casserole. I mean, this is Martha Stewart we're talking about. (Do you think she'll be nice to me?)

The teriyaki talk stems from John T. Edge's New York Times piece from a few weeks back on the teriyaki craze here in Seattle. What? You thought other cities had a Toshi's or Yak's on every corner? Well, no.

It'll be strange to try to describe teriyaki to someone who, I'm guessing, has never tasted it. The strange addictiveness of the char-y meat; the cornstarch-thickened sweet-salty-soy-spicy sauce; the lame-yet-weirdly irresistable "salad" that wilts if you keep the to-go clamshell shut too long; and the basic black-out the subject has gotten in our local media (curious: do food snobs even admit eating it? Cuz you know they do). Oh, it oughtta be fun. If you've got Sirius XM radio, tune in at 6am this Thursday to listen.

But more importantly, what else should I tell mighty Martha about how we Seattle folk like to eat? I've got a couple of ideas, but I'd be more than happy to hear yours.