Check Out Lake Union Park!

In case you missed the grand opening celebration last week, be sure to get over to Seattle's latest and greatest public space, Lake Union Park. The recently completed park ties the burgeoning SLU neighborhood together by allowing residents and workers to get out and stretch their legs and take in one of the most scenic urban vistas in the nation. Besides the waterfront boardwalk and terraced steps to the lake's edge completed in 2008, the park now features a model boat pond, restored shoreline habitat and native plants, a beach for hand-launched boats, a 300-foot long interactive fountain, sculpted landforms for children's play, a tree grove with tables and benches, and a 6 mile walking loop featuring interactive displays about the area's history. The site continues to be the home of the Center for Wooden Boats, which will be constructing a new education center in the park. If you haven't been there yet, you owe yourself a visit.