Sharpen Your Knives: I'm Back

I left my job in September to take maternity leave, and in my stead I was lucky to have some pretty great ladies filling in for me.

While I spent the last four months waking up at all hours of the night with a baby, cooking for my family, and generally staying close to home, Seattle Magazine contributor Lorna Yee and Alicia Comstock Arter, who edits the Zagat Guide to Seattle, honored me by filling in this fall, taking my job and running with it, blogging their rears off and keeping things in tip-top shape while I was off (and if you haven't read Lorna's delicious descriptions in this month's breakfast issue, you oughtta get on it). 

So I'm back, and I'm lucky again. Lucky to have something so good to come back to. Call me corny, but this isn't just "some job" to me. It's a job I feel like I belong in, a job I feel is a part of me.
It's been 11 years since I wrote my first restaurant review (I'm sure it'd be a special kind of torture to read that today) and yet somehow, I'm not burned out or jaded (well...most of the time). I'm still obsessed. I regularly induce glazed-over expressions with my friends when I talk their ears off about the newest pocket-sized coffee shop (my latest favorite is Porchlight on 14th Ave), or big-budget vanity project (Artisanal), or the exciting return of an eccentric local chef (Mistral Kitchen). I am endlessly intrigued by the evolution Seattle restaurants have made, and now more than ever, it seems I'm very much not alone. 

Seattle Mag's readers are following the food scene almost as eagerly as those of us who get paid to do so. And so, at the magazine, we're always thinking up new ways to try to give you the food coverage you want. But that can be a bit of a guessing game. 

So consider this an open invitation to get in touch to tell me what you like about our food coverage, and what you think we can do better. We'd love to know which features you've loved reading, what you're curious about, what trends you feel we're missing, and where you think we can improve. Of course, if you think we are just nailing everything and you wouldn't change a thing, I guess it'd be okay to hear that too.

Email me directly at, or feel free to comment on this post. I look forward to hearing from you. And it's good to be back.