Smarty Pants' owners to open Hudson

Do you love the honkin', melty, drippy, delicious sandwiches at Georgetown's biker bar, Smarty Pants? Um, me neither (except for the Pit Boss: ham, swiss, bacon and pepperoncinis, and about four other sandwiches, but other than that...) 
So I'm excited to hear the owners, Michelle Brasch and Tim Ptak, are opening a diner at 5000 E Marginal Way (yeah, I had to look it up too--it's a block west of 1st Ave S., kind of near Slim's Last Chance). They're calling the new place Hudson, and Michelle told me (via email): "This is the gyst of the place.  It will be a diner.  Full bar.  Comfort Food.  Full coffee bar.  Breakfast will be probably be offered seven days per week.  It will be cozy.  The space is smaller like Smarty Pants.  We are hoping to open in October to catch some of the traffic going through the haunted house behind us."
I'm guessing this is the haunted house of which she speaks. A two-fer!