Swinery Bacon Now Legal?

I know it's not polite to say I told you so, but we did call him the "Controversial Reinventor" in our April Best Restaurants issue. And that was way before his latest troubles, which resulted in the recent closure of Culinary Communion. 

Now word comes via our Rebel Chef that the King County health department has declared it legal for Claycamp to make his bacon. But with Claycamp there's always a catch, and this time it's this: Claycamp's short-lived Lunch Counter is no more, and he's only got until the end of April for makin' bacon (badump bump) in the Culinary Communion kitchen. Come May, he and his family have to completely vacate the premises.

So, without further ado, here's the scoop directly from Gabe: 

      "We have about 24 days to make and sell some bacon. I would love to fill your homes and senses with the wonderful smells of our bacon frying. Bacon is $12/# and the same great All Natural, Hormone Free Berkshire Bacon (Noelani's Favorite). While we are at it, we have some fresh sausages, some bacon burgers, and probably THE BACON EXPLOSION. Sausage is: $8/#, Bacon Burger Patties: $12/#, Bacon Explosions: $20 ea. Email sales@swinerymeats.com with orders."

If anyone knows what a "bacon explosion is" please enlighten me.