Thanksgiving recipe: Sweet potato stuffing

Thanksgiving Stuffing with Sweet Potatoes (serves 6)
By Chester Gerl, Executive Chef, Matt’s In the Market

Night before Thanksgiving:
•Roast 2 medium size sweet potatoes @ 350 for 2 hrs; cover and refrigerate overnight.

Thanksgiving Day:
Remove sweet potatoes from refrigerator. Then…

•2 oz butter
•1 large sweet onion
•¼ bunch of thyme (leaves picked)
•18 oz bread (Chef uses brioche from Macrina)
•6 eggs
•1 ½ cup heavy cream
•1 tablespoon Kosher salt
•2 teaspoons black pepper

•Start with sweet potatoes in oven for 2 hrs @ 350; while sweet potatoes are roasting sweat sweet onions and butter; after the onions are transparent, add thyme; in a mixing bowl, add large chunks of bread

•In a separate bowl, mix heavy cream and eggs; then add to bread, onion, and thyme mix and let sit in refrigerator.

•When sweet potatoes are done roasting, take out of oven, peel skin and dice sweet potatoes and add to bread and custard mix; put final mix in pie tin and cover with tin foil; on sheet pan, create water bath and set pie tin on sheet pan and bake for 2 hrs.