Walrus & Carpenter Oyster Bar Coming to Ballard

Old Ballard Avenue hardly needed another destination restaurant, but that’s not stopping Boat Street Café’s Renee Erickson and friends Chad Dale and Jeremy Price from opening a French-Northwest inspired oyster bar called The Walrus and the Carpenter (the website just went up yesterday).  

Located in a sliver of a space in the Kolstrand building, the restaurant—named for a poem by Lewis Carroll about a walrus and carpenter who befriend, and then eat, oysters—will feature a long bar and a sunny patio, both ideal for slurping dozens of raw, locally sourced oysters on the half-shell. Erickson describes the place as such:

"Reclaimed, rustic, weathered, white, warm, lively, light filled, full of character, people, and piles of fresh oysters—The Walrus and Carpenter will be a place to enjoy raw oysters, either at our beautiful long bar or in the sunshine on our patio.  Each a perfect bite of the cold ocean, with fresh lemon, shaved horseradish. Or fried oysters with hot pepper rouille, locally harvested clams and mussels, house smoked fish, frites, tartare, cured meats, grilled Rain Shadow Meats’ sausages, an abundance of crisp white wines, cool draft beers, craft cocktails, rose and red wines too."

They’re aiming for an early July opening.

Oh, and the rumors that Erickson and Ethan Stowell are partners in this venture are not true.

But! Stowell is opening a restaurant in Ballard, and it happens to be going in right next door to the Walrus & the Carpenter! I'll let you know when I know more.