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Best Place to Be a Mom is...Not the U.S.

2011 Mothers' Index Ranking

I am in the midst of another crazy day of juggling work, family, volunteering, life and just came across a Twitter headline from the San Francisco Chronicle about a report ranking the best and worst countries to be a mom. The United States ranks 31st. Norway ranks No. 1. Read more »


Can You Tiger Mom a Preschooler?

tiger mom
Hsiao-Ching Chou explores the art of tiger momming.

Some days, I suck at being a tiger mom. It simply requires more attention to monitoring my daughter's work than I have time to devote. On those days when I let my daughter watch TV instead of practice writing letters and numbers, the self-flogging kicks in and, perhaps irrationally, I fret that the one, two or even three missed practice sessions somehow will mean the difference between another year of preschool or early entrance into kindergarten.  Read more »

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