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Take Shots, See Art in Progress and Other Weekend Musts

Detail of "Ready" by Nikki McClure

Shots. Yes, Shots
Throwing back a shot at the bar is not a connoisseur move. Lately, however, more gourmet shots are appearing on menus. Allison Austin Scheff notes a few in our Best New Restaurants story, among other intriguing dining trends that surfaced this year.

Nordstrom Rack Read more »


Out of the Darkness: Cocktails to Brighten a Winter’s Eve

A.J. Rathbun
The Black Pearl adds a few lighthearted bubbles to a dark winter's night.

After daylight savings, the chance for an after-work or evening cocktail accompanied by even a wisp of sunshine has vanished (at least here in the Northwest), which—some days—makes a good drink all the more necessary.

I think the perfect drink for this time of year can take two paths. It can either embrace the dark, like the first choice here, or bring its own ray of sunshine like the second. Try both and let me know which you think is best.

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What on Earth is Happening at the Frye Art Museum?

A sneak peek at a work in progress at the Frye by zoe | juniper

Mw [Moment Magnitude], a boundary-crossing, description-eluding, interdisciplinary arts summit, of sorts, is taking over the Frye over the next three months. Read more »


Moments from the 2012 Election We Should Remember Forever

The photo that made one of Barack Obama's Tweets the most popular in the history of Twitter.

1. Singing and dancing in the streets as a direct result of seeing change in action.

2. President Obama’s now famous Tweet, and that moment when the entire Obama family initially took the stage. Read more »


Riding in Cars with Strangers: Previewing the New Ride-Share Service, SideCar

My father told me never to get into a car with a stranger.

I wonder how he'd feel about it if an app existed that knew which strangers were trustworthy, and which were, perhaps, even potential friends? And what if this app could also arrange for me (when I'm carless and in a rush) to get convenient lifts from these new friends?

As of November 2, Seattle has just such an app thanks to San Francisco-based SideCar, a ride-share service that grew quickly enough—50,000 rides so far—to inspire CEO Sunil Paul to expand it in Seattle. Read more »


Toast to Victory or Drown Your Sorrows: 5 Election Day Cocktails

A.J. Rathbun
Put a little “Pensiero" (aka "thought," which this drink is named for) into your election day traditions.

No matter what side you’re on during this year’s election, let’s hope we can agree on two things: First, that an election night party just isn’t the same without a good cocktail (that fits both a winning and a losing mood). And second, that the following drinks are better than any other election night cocktails. Because you can’t trust all those other drinks, people. But these drinks? These drinks you can trust. Read more »


Andy Warhol's Flowers, PNB Premieres and Other Weekend Musts

Andy Warhol, "Daisy", ca. 1982. Screen print on Lenox Museum Board, 38 x 38 inches.

Knute Berger at the Space needle
Thursday (11/1) — Seattle magazine editor-at-large Knute Berger is presenting MOHAI’s esteemed Denny Lecture tomorrow night at the Space Needle. The topic du jour? Why, the Space Needle, of course. Learn all about the truly quirkly origins of the Needle, as recounted in Berger’s new book, Space Needle: The Spirit of Seattle, plus, be among the first to hear about new discoveries he’s made since publishing the book. Read more »


Catch Knute Berger's Lecture at the Space Needle

A collage of images taken as the Space Needle was being built in 1961

Seattle magazine editor-at-large Knute Berger returns to his stomping grounds at the Space Needle tomorrow night.

After spending a year at the Needle as writer-in-residence, Berger will now be in attendance to deliver MOHAI's Denny Lecture, a new annual event developed to recognize the work of influential historians in our region. Read more »


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Perform 'Same Love' on Ellen



Seattle’s First Vegan Food Truck: Plum Bistro Wants Wheels

Plum owner/chef Makini Howell

Plum Bistro, the family-owned and all-vegan restaurant on Capitol Hill—known for hearty meatless burgers and signature “mac ‘n’ yease” (plus incredible dishes chock-full of locally-sourced and organic ingredients)—wants to go mobile.

Owner/chef Makini Howell is using the online crowdfunding program Kickstarter to help raise the $28,000 needed to bring Seattle its first vegan food truck, which her staff hopes will “spread the vegan magic to the nonbelievers” beyond the restaurant's homebase on Capitoll Hill. Read more »

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