Art-on-a-Stick - Portable Goodness!

Sometimes an invention can revolutionize the world. For instance, there is the stick. Ice cream was imprisoned in bowls until the stick transformed it into a portable phenomenon (cake never recovered from the blow). The corn dog? It wouldn’t have any fans if not for the stick. The new-and-improved Capitol Hill Art Walk, renamed Blitz,, hopes that the stick can revolutionize art in the same way. On June 11, Blitz will celebrate its launch with the Art-on-a-Stick Parade. 

The parade is open to anyone who wants to have fun and let their inner artist roam free. Any art project is welcome even if it’s just yourself doing the hokey pokey in a tutu and tube socks (it qualifies as performance art!). Of course, it is BYOS – bring-your-own-stick – if you choose to go the handheld route. The parade starts at 6:30 p.m., June 11 at the Broadway Performance Hall and will wind through Capitol Hill before ending at the Electric Tea Garden which will host an after-party for the public. 

The Art-on-a-Stick Parade is a one-time celebration, but Blitz will be held every month on the second Thursday. Over 40 Capitol Hill businesses will participate on a regular basis ranging from art galleries to retail shops and restaurants who will represent the culinary arts. We bet that Blitz will be so popular that there will be more people than you can shake a stick at!

-Posted by Deanna Duff