Photo of the Week: Cool New iPhone App

Professional photographers look out -- a new iPhone app makes editing and sharing photos easier than ever

“What good is a picture if you don’t share it?” asks Chase Jarvis, a Seattle-based photographer. We at Seattle mag agree. Which is why every Wednesday we'll be featuring a photo of the week here on our Scoop blog.

Today our photo comes courtesy of the just released $2.99 iPhone app, “Best Camera”. Jarvis teamed up with software developer Übermind to make it easier for users to edit and share their photos. “Images aren’t about dynamic range and megapixels,” says Jarvis. “They’re about stories and moments.” We tried out the app on the 520 coming into work Monday morning. Here's our original pic:


With a couple of clicks we had the “best camera” version of our photo. You can crop, frame, darken and lighten your image, as well as add signature "Best Camera" features like "candy", "slate" and "jewel". As you can see from the "after" photo up top, using the app was a huge improvement on our blah "before" photo. 

Then we were ready to share our image, which is the best part of "Best Camera". It allows you to save it, e-mail it and then blast it to Facebook and Twitter. You can also send it to, where people can vote thumbs up or down.

“There are at least 10 amazing pictures wherever you are right now,” says Jarvis. Don't let them pass you by.