Theatricality Rules at Seattle Rep's 39 Steps

Press materials for the Seattle Rep’s season-opening production, The 39 Steps, boast about four actors who play an astonishing 150 roles in this classic tale of “a man who knew too much.” But they should give as much attention to the rambunctious theatricality that makes this production such a joy to watch. With minimal “special effects” – a puff of fog, amplified train whistles, a few props—the four actors transport us to the top a train where they jump from one car to the next with wind whipping through hair and coattails (aided by a little manual flapping of said coattails), and to a small farmhouse on the Scottish highlands with our hero making his escape through a window. Brilliantly executed, the production is wonderfully entertaining. The run has already been extended through October 24—from there, the production, which has been a hit on Broadway—heads to theaters across the country. See it while you can.