Weekly Must List: Our Top To-do's of the Week

Oysters Rockelller at Shuckers

Must See
Homo for the Holidays
Through 12/24 - Directed by boylesque star Ben de la Crème, this comedic cabaret show features a raucous lineup of local GLBT talent including Fuchsia Foxxx and the Cherdonna and Lou show. $15–$20. Oddfellows
Hall, West Hall, 915 E Pine St.; 206.324.7263; centuryballroom.com

Must Ring in the New Year
Moisture Festival 2011 New Year’s Extravaganza
Saturday (12/31) - Seattle’s grab bag of circus arts ushers in the New Year with an evening of family-friendly acrobatics, juggling, puppetry, clowning and comedy. 8 p.m. $25-50. Hale's Palladium, 4301 Leary Way N.E. www.moisturefestival.com.

Must taste
Oysters Rockefeller at Shuckers
Usually, we're oyster purists: raw, on the half shell, with nothing but seawater and its own liquor to slurp down. But at Shuckers, the clubby oyster bar tucked into a corner of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel (downtown, 411 University St.; 206.621.1984; fairmont.com), the old-school mahogany furnishings, plush banquettes and brass accents work their magic, and we find ourselves ordering Oysters Rockefeller ($3.25 each, $15.50/half-dozen, $29/dozen) instead. Roasted under a tangle of freshly wilted spinach and blanketed in warm, buttery hollandaise sauce, the still-soft oysters add just a tinge of minerality and a silken texture. In the depths of winter, with the hubbub of the holidays over, a plate of these luxurious beauties is mighty fine indeed.

Must indulge:
Top Shelf Tequila
While starting out fresh is all well and good, we’d like to propose an alternate kickoff libation: tequila! Rather than tossing back shots of the cheap stuff, however, we suggest a more suave agave—in the form of high-end sipping tequila, available at Seattle’s growing number of tequila bars. Take, for example, The Matador (matadorrestaurants.com) in Ballard, which offers an Extra Añejo flight: three 1-ounce pours of Herradura Seleccion Suprema, Don Julio Real and Gran Patrón Burdeos for $120 (a bargain considering that ordered separately, the three shots would run you $245). Bartender Rick McCallum says superior-caliber blue agave plants are used to make these tequilas—and the flavor shines through. For those feeling optimistic about 2011, The Matador is the only bar in the state to serve Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario—a limited-edition tequila (only 545 bottles were made) that goes for $300 per shot. For more top shelf tequila picks see our piece on the top shelf tequilas in the January issue of Seattle mag.

Must Purge
The holidays celebrate the season’s bounty—sometimes with a little too much bounty. Here are five refreshing, locally made juice blends that will have you revived and revved up to greet the new year. 1) Thrive Cafe: The refresh, made with cucumber, celery, kale and spinach, is a richly colored, nutrient-packed pick-me-up. Add some apple juice for a sweeter flavor. $5/12 ounces. Roosevelt, 1026 NE 65th St.; 206.525.0300; generationthrive.com. 2) Healeo: Shake up your system with the wellness shot, made with fresh squeezed ginger and lemon juice and topped with oregano oil, garlic and a pinch of cayenne. The fiery hot boost will awaken the senses. $3/1 ounce, $4/2 ounces. Capitol Hill, 1520 15th Ave.; 206.453.5066; healeo.com. 3) Protein Planet: Freshly juiced ginger, orange, carrot and lemon put the zing in the planet zing, a popular pick at this juicer joint. Sweet carrot and citrus fruit balance the gingery bite. $4.50/12 ounces. Downtown, 415 Pike St.; 206.625.3203; proteinplanet.biz. 4) Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe: Take a trip to the tropics by way of the maui grass, made with homemade pineapple and apple juice, blended with wheatgrass and a touch of mint. Your own private vacay in a glass! $5.20/10 ounces, $6.95/16 ounces. University District, 4757 12th Ave. NE; 206.522.6966; chacocanyoncafe.com. 5) The Juicy Cafe: The super immunity booster blends lemon, ginger, cabbage, carrot, kale, celery, garlic, wheatgrass and multivitamins in a powerhouse combo to fight off colds and sluggishness. $5.25/16 ounces, $5.85/24 ounces. Downtown, 725 Pike St.; 206.682.6960; thejuicycafe.com

Must Learn and Learn
Doug Merlino at Town Hall
1/5 (Tuesday) - In 1986, Doug Merlino was part of an experiment in race relations. His extracurricular eighth-grade basketball team, organized by two fathers—one black and one white—was a mix of upper-class white kids from Lakeside (one of Seattle’s most exclusive private schools) and African-American students from the Central District. In Merlino’s captivating new memoir, The Hustle: One Team and Ten Lives in Black and White, he seeks out his old teammates some 20 years later—finding them everywhere from prison to a hedge fund office—and tries to determine how the experience affected their lives. 7:30 p.m. $5. Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave; 206.652.4255; townhallseattle.org