We’re counting down the Christmas shopping season here at seattlemag.com with an editors’ picks gift guide. Check back daily to find out our must-have items this holiday season. Today’s find: a chicken purse!

Editors’ Gift Pick: Chicken Purse at David Barton
One of our favorite finds at The Bravern this year was the unexpectedly fabulous gift shop at David Barton Gym at The Bravern. Where else would we have found our first must-have (if, slightly over-the-top) holiday gift of the season: Pylones' rubber chicken purse. We love the plump shape and molded details of this loud and proud acessory, perfect for that especially adventurous gal (or guy) in your life. Pylones also makes a matching chicken coin purse for gift-givers looking to go the extra mile.

$49 at David Barton Gym at The Bravern (11111 NE Eighth St.; 425.453.7887) or pylones-usa.com.