American Idol at the 5th Avenue Theatre

Where do American Idol contestants go after they’ve braved Simon’s snarkiness, Paula’s secret language (you crazy girl, we’ll miss you!) or Randy’s persistent “dawg” problem? Many end up in the American Idol graveyard…where Justin Guarini and his hair can be found next to William Hung’s dignity. Some, however, actually make it to the other side and launch legitimate careers. 

The 5th Avenue Theatre’s upcoming production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Oct.10–Nov.1; will be the latest post-Idol gig for Season 4 alum Anthony Fedorov. With a beautiful tenor voice, the 24-year-old Fedorov was a fan favorite who made girls swoon with his renditions of pop power ballads. His powerful vocals should be perfect for playing the lead role of Joseph in the 5th Avenue’s production. He already cut his teeth playing the part in an Oklahoma production and earned rave reviews. Singing aside, Fedorov’s mop of blonde hair and endearingly wholesome good looks will also serve him well. The 5th Avenue’s Artistic Director, David Armstrong, predicts that Fedorov will “look great when dressed in only a loincloth.” What can we say? In Seattle, we know how to dress for success.

-Deanna Duff