Harboring Noxious Weeds?

I was recently contacted by the King County Noxious Weed Control Program because one of their staffers had identified Garlic Mustard, a seemingly innocuos little flowering plant that was not so slowly making huge and unwelcome inroads into our region's flora, growing on my property. Eager to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, I set up an appointment with the staffer, who came to my home and walked me around my yard, pointing out what should be removed and what could stay, Of course, the decision on whether or not to eradicate noxious weeds from my own private property is all mine, but I for one am glad that King County if no one else is watching out for spreading invasives that could threaten the very biodiversity that makes this region such a special place to live. If you feel the same way and are worried about some of the mystery plants that have cropped up in your yard of late, give the Noxious Weed Control Program a call and let them help you help us all make Seattle and the Pacific Northwest an even wilder place to live.