GOALLLL! Artist Diem Chau scores at the World Cup

How often does an emerging Seattle artist get selected by a national corporation to produce work for a global sports event? Well now we can say at least once. I'm so thrilled for local artist (and Seattle magazine 2008 Spotlight Award winner) Diem Chau, who was tapped to carve 66 of her signature Crayola crayon sculptures (NO, not the jumbo size, the regular, tiny size) with the likenesses of 6 famous players for Nike's World Cup press kits. Only 11 of these kits went out (I don't know to whom... maybe muckety-mucks at Sports Illustrated? ESPN?), and they are all-around stunning, so this is a very big deal indeed.

Look at Diem's craftswomanship! To carve a face in a teeny crayon is one thing, but to carve a specific likeness, and to carve that same likeness 11 times over... it's a little mind-blowing. Good gracious, is she talented. Hooray for Diem! See more photos from her World Cup project—and her other beautiful work—on her blog. For more on Diem, read our 2008 Spotlight Award profile.

Here's a look inside the press kit (note the sweet wooden box holding the sculptures):


And here's a close-up. The box flips over to serve as a stand for the sculptures.


Totally awesome!