The David Barton Project: Mission Impossible?

When I raised my hand at Seattle magazine’s weekly pitch meeting and volunteered to write what I thought would be a 200-word blurb covering the new opening of David Barton’s gym at the Bravern, I learned a valuable lesson. Never volunteer. Over the course of the last week, my assignment has morphed from that 200-word blurb to a three-month-long membership with personal training 3 to 4 times a week, and a targeted nutrition plan that I have *promised* to follow. (If you’re going to read this blog, I should warn you—I will probably whine about this. A lot.)

My first task was to visit the gym, sit down with David, and get a feel for his philosophy—and whether a gym that looks more like a posh, NYC nightclub (is that mood lighting? And do I hear Lady Gaga?) is more fluff than substance. After chatting with David (one of the most upbeat people I’ve ever met, btw), I can tell you that the substance is there. His gyms are focused on results and, to him, results have everything to do with using personal trainers so I was assigned to one. Out of 167 trainers that applied for a job, only 15 made the cut and those 15 were subjected to weeks of rigorous training by David, himself. He provides a hands-on, scientific approach to health and fitness (more on that in future posts) and I am super excited to see my own results (if not super excited about having to work for them). 

So I have to admit, while this is obviously a great opportunity and I have confidence in David’s approach, I find myself reluctant. Two of my favorite things are eating and sleeping…will I have to change my casual, (I prefer this to “lazy”) lifestyle? When I told my friends about my membership, they were simultaneously jealous and skeptical, “You’re going to look amazing! Wait…do you think you can do it?” This question is greeted with my blank and somewhat terrified stare. The truth is; I have no idea, but I hope you’ll chime in every now and then with any support or words of wisdom and, in exchange, I’ll attempt to keep my posts entertaining and informative! (As if I’m not under enough pressure, already).

Last night was my second workout, and in my next post I’ll include some pictures of the space ––you won’t believe how amazing this place looks—and regale you with tales of my ineptitude on a treadmill. You’ll also meet my trainer, MacKenzie, who describes herself as a “tender loving care” type of trainer (less Biggest Loser’s Jillian and more Bob), and I’ll give you a little more background on the man, the myth, the legend, who is David Barton, and his contributions to the fitness world. 

Stay tuned, readers!

- Posted by Jacquie Perez