The David Barton Project: A New Word for Sore

You know how when you say a word over and over again, it starts to sound foreign and kind of loses its meaning? After completing week one of my training, I need a new word for "sore." I also need help walking up and down stairs and lifting my arms above my shoulders. I’m in pain here, people.

I’m not gonna lie, week one was not easy. So, to recap….. 

Things I hate: lunges, interval sprinting on a treadmill, lunges, and the plank. Also, lunges. Did I mention those? 

Things I only partially hate: balance push-ups on a wobbly ball, 10 pound free weights, and the stair stepper. 

Things that make me go, “meh”: Elliptical work, squats, and sit-ups. I HIGHLY recommend investing in an exercise ball – they not only make for a more effective sit-up, but they take all the strain off your back and can be used for a bunch of different exercises. I also recommend investing in a quality sports bra if you haven't upgraded in a while. Maybe I'll do a sports bra roundup for all you ladies?

Now, I haven’t exercised in a gym for a good six months, and haven’t actually pushed myself in a gym since maybe…2004? So, needless to say, this will be an uphill battle. I explained my fitness history to David and MacKenzie when we sat down for “assessment day,” and we set some long-term and short-term goals. I told them that I have a wedding coming up on October 17—shout out to Ian and Jessie!—and that between now and then, I’d like to tone up my arms and lose a few lbs (MacKenzie said it’s healthy to lose about a lb a week) because the dress that I bought a few months ago for the wedding has become embarrassingly snug. This goal, however, was quickly thrown by the wayside and replaced with, “I will try to go an entire workout without having to take a break, lie flat on the floor, and concentrate on not throwing up.”

As for my long-term goals, I’m hoping to shave off at least 15 pounds, and although weight loss is obviously important, I also need to learn the correct techniques like not locking elbows, and lifting with slow and controlled motions, (me on a rowing machine = hilarious) so eventually I'll gain the experience and knowledge to continue on my own!

Lastly, per David's instructions, I wrote down everything I ate for three days (I’m thinking of submitting it to Guinness for most thai food eaten by one girl in 72 hours) and should hear back this week with a nutrition plan. I promise to post it as soon as I receive it!

And, if I can muster up the courage, I'm going to post my "before" picture in my next entry, try to get into a yoga and/or pilates class, and try my hand at uploading some video. And feel free to leave any questions or suggestions for the blog in the comments section and I'll try to tailor my posts accordingly!

Please enjoy this photo of my crazy limber trainer, MacKenzie. In case you hadn’t guessed, on top of training, she is also a yoga teacher. Go figure! I wanted to hate her but, unfortunately, her professionalism and genuinely nice personality got in the way. Jacquie Perez