Capitol Hill's War Room For Sale

Capitol Hill's hip hop and dj standard, the War Room, is for sale, reports The Seattle Times music blogger Andrew Matson. Stress, the state's liquor tax increase (which takes about 40 cents from each drink sold at War Room, estimates owner Marcus Lalario) and new regulations requiring Seattle clubs to have sprinkler systems installed by December 1, all contributed to the decision to sell the venue, according to the piece.

  Lalario said being responsible for drunken people is stressful. He finally learned to turn off his cellphone at night but wakes up every morning dreading a War Room-related voice mail.  

The potential sale of this venue is big news for the Pike/Pine corridor, a major destination for up-and-coming artists and musicians to the city, not to mention a nightlife destination for the rest of us. The big question is, what's next for the venue? Lalario mentioned in his interview with Matson that it would cost tens of thousands to update to meet new city fire codes for clubs. Whoever purchases the space will need to invest in the system (that is if it is to remain a venue).