Forget the Olympics-see video from Weiner Dog Race intern Jaquel Moore headed to the race. Here's his report. 
Yesterday the annual Emerald Downs Weiner Dog qualifying race had the fanfare of a classic horse race, minus the Mint Juleps and ladies in fancy hats.

It was a blistering 80 degrees during the late morning at Seattle Center, spectators lined the plush green race track, cheering for their favorite pooch as a bugler performed Elvis' K-9 classic, "Hound Dog".

In all, eight heats determined which elite-pawed Dachshunds would qualify for the final and most crucial race at Emerald Downs today in Auburn.

The miniature dark furred dogs stood poised at the start line waiting for the signal to scramble awkwardly to their companions at the finish line clutching squeaky toys and treats.

In all, two svelte pooches from yesterday's event, Odin of Puyallup and Lucy of Bellevue, qualified to race in Auburn tonight.

Reggie, a pudgy black dachshund was fan-favorite, completing the race at a snail's pace, searching for shade along the track's fence, only finishing after the eager beckoning of his human companion.

Want to see this adorable dog race for yourself? Follow this link to see video footage.