The David Barton Project:

TGIF, folks! I’m back with a mishmash of a recap. Week 3 is over with today—which happens to be my birthday, look at me and my dedication—so we’ll focus on week 2. The highlight was definitely when MacKenzie and I had a private yoga session and I came to realize that my talents (which are still to be determined) must definitely lie elsewhere. She wanted me to do this.....


While I wanted to follow Sir Paul McCartney's lead and do this......

It was a tough day.

Now, someone asked if I could go over a typical day at David Barton with MacKenzie training me. So let’s go over a leg day, shall we? (Warning: leg day hurts and should be outlawed).

Warm Up: Every day we’ll warm up either on the elliptical, the stair stepper, or the treadmill, and we will always do interval training, which is basically any type of exercise where you switch back and forth between high and low intensity. On a treadmill, for example, we’ll start out walking at a speed of 3.5 for a minute or so, then kick it up to 6.5 for 45 seconds, then back to 3.5 for a minute for “rest time.” I spend this time trying to catch my ever elusive breath and wouldn’t call it resting, but to each their own. We’ll generally repeat this for about 15 minutes. Oh, and to the “someone” (aka complete masochist) who keeps changing all the channels on the ellipticals to the Food Network, don’t think I won’t find you. You and your friend Giada are making this very difficult!




Exercises: Whatever machines or exercises MacKenzie plans for that day usually come in sets of three. So, for leg day, we might start out doing squats with a medicine ball (3 sets of ten), then move over to the leg press (another 3 sets of ten) and then she might treat me to 3 sets of one of my least favorite exercises ever, lunges. After the lunges we’d move back to squats, until we’ve cycled through all the exercises three times. Then, you guessed it, it’s back to intervals on the treadmill! After the treadmill there is usually some core work, sit-ups, plank, floor bridge, etc. and then…….

 Cool Down! I’ve got to admit that I never used to stretch after workouts, but stretching consistently has felt great and eliminated a lot of soreness the day after a work out. I now understand one of the benefits of having a trainer is they don’t let you cheat yourself or only do something halfway. I can’t believe I just said that like it’s a good thing…. 

In my next post, I’ll add more pics of some new amenities (a sauna!), and give you the results of my month one progress—or l