On the Boards Launches OTBTV

If you're kicking yourself for missing recent killer performances at On the Boards, such as Reggie Watts & Tommy Smith's Transition (laugh-out-loud funny and true), or Diana Szeinblum's Alaska (stunning athleticism and emotion), or Allen Johnson's Another You (oh-my-god brutally good), well, you should still kick yourself, actually, because, where the hell have you been? There really is no excuse for missing the always intriguing and usually stellar programming at our very own On the Boards, but thanks to their new OTBTV video on demand project, at least now you have some reprieve when you do have an excused (or unexcused) absence. 

The premise is simple: On the Boards now offers high quality, professionally produced video on demand for many of their performances (as well as  a few from other venues across the country). All you have to do is go here and look through the offerings here. Then you can choose to either rent the video (for a limited time) for a measly 5 bucks, or own the video (on your hard drive, forever) for a similarly measly $15. Half the dough goes to the artists and half to On the Boards, so by participating you're also doing good things for the arts.

It's genius! While seeing performances in person is always the best way to go, sometimes you just can't make it, and this is a mighty fine second choice—especially for those folks who want to stay in touch with the Seattle arts scene but who live far enough away that coming to town for shows is a rare occurrence.

Rent a few and let me know what you think. (The quality of the ones I've seen has been top-notch--this is not somebody's mom filming from the back row!) While you're at it, check out the profile I did of Lane Czaplinski, On the Boards artistic director and the visionary behind OTBTV, for last year's Most Influential People issue. I personally think this is going to have a huge influence on both the way arts orgs think about how to expand their audiences, as well as how people become exposed to cutting edge performance art. GO GO OTBTV!