An Even Tastier Reason to Go to the Space Needle for Dinner

Cody Bay

Awesome as it is, most of us usually feel like we need a good reason to have dinner at the Space Needle's restaurant, SkyCity. Your Uncle Bob and Aunt Harriet are visiting from Muskogee. Your boyfriend wants to put a ring on it. Read more »

New Fashion at NuBe Green, Seattle Tilth and Madama Butterfly on the Big Screen

Odd Love Fashion Show
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6 Kid-Friendly Bookstores in Seattle

Bookstores are perfect spots to visit on bone-chilling days when the kids are jumping off the walls or on hot summer days when you’re searching for some air conditioning to cool down. Plus, you can kiss goodbye the days where book stores merely sold, well, books. Read more »

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo: Why Not?

It's still a little random that American businesses widely observe Cinco de Mayo (and not actual Mexican Independence day: September 16). On the other hand, who wants to argue with an excuse to celebrate during the sober waking-nightmare we all silently suffer between St. Patrick's Day and the Fourth of July?

Just kidding.

Here's a few go-to places where you can be sure to observe the beloved tradition of knocking back tequila and tacos, no matter what day it is. Read more »


A Cross-Town Croissant Hunt, and News on Crumble & Flake's Opening (Updated)

(Update! Crumble and Flake has had to delay their opening by a day. Details below.) Read more »


NuBe Green’s In-House Line Debuts New Designer Collection

A Nube Green State look from The Forecast runway in March

Designer Adrienne Antonson is one talented lady. Not only does the Vashon Island-based artist craft supremely weird/awesome bugs out of human hair, she happens to be the creative genius behind Capitol Hill shop NuBe Green’s in-house line, State. Read more »


Restless City: A Piece of Sundance Film Festival Comes to Seattle

Film buffs who can hardly wait for SIFF should head to Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center. For one week, starting Friday (5/4-5/13), Restless City is returning to Seattle (since its debut at Langston Hughes African American Film Festival) for a local theatrical release, thanks to LHPAC's ongoing affiliation with AAFRM (African-American Film Release Movement). Read more »


Top 9 Looks From Luly Yang Couture's Fashion Show

When I sat down this afternoon to peruse the runway looks from last Friday's Luly Yang Couture Fashon Show, I was hoping to narrow down my favorites to a neat, tidy top five list. You’ll just have to indulge me with nine. Read more »


Superhero Phoenix Jones Scores a Nemesis, Rex Velvet

The Bob Rivers Show introduced Seattle to its "new and improved" super villain this morning: Rex Velvet.

Sporting a bad English accent and vague inclinations to nurture "evil" in the community, Velvet was soon unmasked and revealed to be a professional wedding photographer by day. That might explain his connections to some talented filmmakers. Here's the video he posted on YouTube yesterday:

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Act Like a Reckless Millionaire for a Day: Donate to Give Big

Remember that scene from Tim Burton’s Batman, in which the Joker orders his bomber-jacket clad henchmen to dump a bunch of money onto the streets of Gotham?

Removing all nefarious intentions, and pretending there are well-meaning nonprofit managers on the street below, not greedy movie extras – that crazy money-distributing mad man or woman could be you on May 2, should you choose to participate in Seattle Foundation’s Give Big day. Read more »


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