Our Top To-do's for the Week of August 4 - 10

Must Taste
Goi Thom Toui at Tamarind Tree
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Our Top To-do's for the Week of July 28 - August 3

See vintage portraits of Seattle's pre-World War II Japanese-American community on display at the Wing

Must Hang
Bellevue Festival of the Arts Read more »


Fuji Bakery Wants to Open a Third Location, Any Suggestions?

Since its opening in the summer of 2009, Fuji Bakery has delighted us with treats like the crisp, buttery green tea Danish and light, creamy brioche chocolat. Food editor Allison Scheff raved about Fuji in our February issue, and since then the accolades have been piling up.

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Food Event: Catch a "Bizarre Foods" Taping in Seattle and Get a Taste of "Black Gold"

Inside Seattle Coffee Works

Coffee heads take note: Seattle Coffee Works is serving up FREE samples of Colombia Cup of Excellence--a coffee that typically goes for $100 a pound--this Friday at 1 p.m. Why pour the good stuff for free? Read more »

Five Essentials: Maintaining Healthy Summer Skin in Seattle

Kelly Singer

August is Seattle’s month to have fun in the sun.  There are endless opportunities for being active on the water, in the mountains, or on a beach but summertime play and the associated heat can bring a number of risks, too.  It’s important to plan ahead and take precautions against dehydration, sunburn, and pesky bugs. Read more »


Eat Rural at Local Farm Dinners

Cody Bay
Red Rabbit's Farm to Table Dinners

My ultimate dream of living off five acres of lush organically-farmed land (preferably in southern France) surrounded by happy farm animals who are all friends and adore me even though I'm going to someday eat them has yet to become a reality. So until then, I'm just going to have to invite myself over to other people's farms for dinner, where they'll show me around and share fascinating tidbits about their crops and growing seasons as I turn green with envy and tune out the parts about how much hard work it actually is. Read more »

Behind the Scenes of our August Issue: Don't Even Get Me Started

Seattle kayak
Wish you were here?

Finally, a second summer day, just in time to make our August "water play" issue slightly less irritating to caged-up water geeks. Sure, it was fun to dream up dozens of pages of fun water stuff for the issue—from wakeboarding to houseboat-gawking to surfing, rafting and more—but that all started in March; back then, when we were JUST SURE we'd be doing all of that and more by now. Now being the END OF JULY. Read more »

Fashion + Style Friday: Favorite fall finds from the editor’s desk

As we finish up our fall fashion and shopping issue this week, I seem to have accumulated quite a few pretty things on my desk, which will appear throughout the September issue. And while I am going to make you wait on the other 50 finds until the issue comes out, here’s a sneak peek at four locally-made favorites currently sitting on my desk (which I am loathe to return next week!):

1. Tuesday faux-fur scarves Read more »

Our Top To-do's for July 21 - 27

Must Geek Out
Outdoor Trek
Saturday (7/23) -
Hello Earth Productions is bringing back their ode to trekkies everywhere with another round of live performaces of classic Star Trek episodes. On this weekend’s docket is “This Side of Paradise,” an exercise which one cast member described aptly: “It's like performing Shakespeare for a group of Elizabethan-focused English Doctorates. And you're a native Russian speaker.” Free. 7 p.m. Read more »


Grilled Vegetable Salad with Sweet Poppy seed Dressing

(Darrell missed the talk)
Sun promised for the weekend. FInally grilling weather, eh? Sear some  zucchini, portobella mushrooms, eggplant and red pepper. Toss with fresh salad greens, feta and a mustardy sweet dressing for pleasing summer meal. Printable recipe?  Click here. Read more »

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