Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Mint, Feta and Pine Nuts

(Steve strains the relationship)
Cook nutrient-rich quinoa until it's light and fluffy, dress it with lemon juice and olive oil and then add these Mediterranean treasures: fresh mint and parsley, toasted pine nuts, feta cheese.  Find printable recipe here. Read more »


Wine Week from Heaven

Shannon Borg
A sherry seminar at Vancouver's Playhouse International Wine Festival

I never need an excuse to go to Vancouver, but this is the best one I can think of. The Playhouse International Wine Festival takes place every year in late March, and this was my second—and favorite–visit. I stayed at the hip Opus Hotel, a sweet little gem just off the café-and-club-filled brick side streets of the Yaletown area. Read more »


Marination Station Opens on Capitol Hill

Roz Edison and Kamala Sexton opened Marination Station last Friday

Good morning, sunshine! And good news for Marination fans: The mobile food mavens have put down roots on the corner of Pike and Broadway, just up the escalator from QFC, and opened Marination Station. Read more »

Tips on Training for a Triathlon, Seattle-style

Kelly Singer
Swimming in Lake Washington

The idea of training for a triathlon can be more intimidating than the race itself.  As overwhelming as it sounds, signing up for a race and training for one is easier than you think. Lucky for you, Seattle is an ideal place to train for your first triathlon with our long spring and summer days, clean lakes, and year-round running and cycling routes (as long as you don’t mind a little rain). A few tips for getting started: Read more »


Two-way Photos Outside of Canoe Social Club at Capitol Hill Arts Walk

Outside Canoe Social Club last night, one of many stops at Capitol Hill Arts Walk. Karen Johnson posted this pic on her Facebook page, only to be one-upped by the performer (Sakia Delores) who posted a photo of her on Seattle mag's Facebook wall. Suffice to say, we were clearly tickled by the meta- audience-peformer boundaries blurred during this exchange.

On my way home last night, I came across a group of perplexed neighbors staring at a storefront across from my building. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a live woman on display in the window. Curious, I snapped a picture.

It turns out the woman behind the window also snapped a picture of me (how meta!):

canoesocialclub Read more »

Fashion+ Style Friday: What’s new at Alhambra, Blackbird’s sleek, slim ties and Seamless in Seattle D-Day

Snag a sweet spring tie at Blackbird

Happy Friday! I’m going to leave you with two super quick nuggets today because I’m busy filing the awesome Seamless in Seattle applications as they come in. (Hey, you still have time to get those applications in. We’re at the office until 6 pm tonight, and I’ll take apps via email until 11:59 p.m. Full contest details here.) Read more »

A Haiku Review of Melissa James Gibson's "This," Now Playing at the Seattle Rep

Nick Garrison is hilarious in "This" at the Seattle Rep

Haiku Reviews: For arts lovers short on time!

A Haiku Review of This:

The playwright loves words
Nearly chokes her actors, but
Nick Garrison rules.

Melissa James Gibson's contemporary relationship drama,This, plays at the Seattle Rep through May 15th.

EMP's Nirvana Exhibit, Columbia City Bakery's New CBA, TASTE's Ode to Nick Cave and More

Artifacts from Kurt Cobain's creative life are on display at EMP beginning 4/16

Must Join
Columbia City Bakery’s CSB

Need a brioche, stat? Columbia City Bakery’s Community Supported Bakery (CSB) program delivers baked goods weekly to members at one of nine Seattle pickup sites (host your own site and get a 10 percent discount). The next six-week season begins on April 12, so sign up online for specialty loaves, biscotti, macaroons for Passover, hot cross buns for Easter and more (minimum order: $100/season). Sweet!

Must See
EMP's Nirvana Exhibit Read more »

Seattle Passed Over for Space Shuttle, but We'll Get a Cool Simulator

Space Shuttle
This won't be parked at the Museum of Flight

And the winner is...not Seattle! Museum of Flight spokespeople and state officials are making the best of NASA's decision not to send one of its four retired space shuttles to Seattle. The M of F was one of 21 facilities in the running for a shuttle, and the competition was intense. In the end, Seattle was passed over in favor of  the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the California Science Center, Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and, for some reason, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York. Read more »

Puget Sound Ocean Acidification in Environmental News Again

The Seattle Times reports today on ocean acidification research taking Puget Sound, a topic that our very own Maria Dolan tackled in last month's issue. In honor of today's front page ST story, here are a few photos from the magazine, including a few previously unpublished online. Read more »

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