Wednesday, 06/30/2010 6:00 PM
Our top to do's for the week Weekly Must List: July 1 – 7, 2010 MUST STRETCHYoga in the Park7/3 (Saturday) - Take your downward dog for a walk outdoors at SAM's Olympic Sculpture Park free Yoga in the Park, taught by instructors from 8 Limbs Yoga. Free, 10-11 a.m. Olympic Sculpture Park, 2901 Western Ave;
Wednesday, 06/30/2010 12:00 PM
For fashion fanatics, Christmas has come early this year.  Ali Basye, former Seattle Bride editor and author of The Long (and Short) of It: A Madcap History of the Skirt, has gifted us a very big present: new fashion blogzine, a daily go-to guide for worldwide fashion news, style-scopes (fashion horoscopes) and Basye’s specialty: the stories behind the style.
Tuesday, 06/29/2010 7:00 AM
In response to requests from its field program participants, the North Cascades Institute has started a new program this summer called Base Camp.
Thursday, 06/24/2010 6:00 PM
It’s a jacket, it’s a tent—it’s the JakPak! Leave it to our resident crazy-busy working mom, Rachel Hart, to spot a time-saving innovation when she sees it. Case in point: the JakPak, a locally made wonder product that merges the essential camping gear—jacket, sleeping bag and tent—into a single waterproof package. Too good to be true? Watch as Rachel puts the JakPak to the test. Oh, and a big thanks to our new video interns, Justin and Nick who shot and edited this piece.
Thursday, 06/24/2010 4:00 PM
I recently hopped into a Tesla Roadster with Seattle magazine’s managing editor, John Levesque, author of the July Trend piece on the city's newest in sleek electric cars ("Plug 'n' Play"). This battery operated car might be the size of a handicapped bathroom stall and made of plastic, but it still had the look (and speed) of a classic roadster.
Thursday, 06/24/2010 9:00 AM
Hankering to spend time outdoors this summer? Chances are your four-pawed friends could use a nice stretch, too. We’ve compiled a list of furry-friendly establishments that are willing to keep you smiling and Fido's tail a-waggin’.
Thursday, 06/24/2010 4:00 AM
Wednesday, 06/16/2010 8:00 PM
MUST GARDENAmy Pennington at the University Bookstore
Tuesday, 06/15/2010 3:00 PM
Do you know someone who has made a significant impact on our community in the past 1-2 years? Nominate them for one of Seattle magazine's annual Most Influential People of the Year Awards. Past winners have included leaders in the world of politics, arts, business, educuation, activism, music, dining, and much more.
Tuesday, 06/15/2010 1:00 PM
With the summer solstice upon us, my thoughts this time of year turn to Alaska, which is currently bathed in midnight sun for the next month or so.
Friday, 06/11/2010 12:00 PM
How often does an emerging Seattle artist get selected by a national corporation to produce work for a global sports event? Well now we can say at least once. I'm so thrilled for local artist (and Seattle magazine 2008 Spotlight Award winner) Diem Chau, who was tapped to carve 66 of her signature Crayola crayon sculptures (NO, not the jumbo size, the regular, tiny size) with the likenesses of 6 famous players for Nike's World Cup press kits. Only 11 of these kits went out (I don't know to whom...
Thursday, 06/10/2010 1:00 PM
MUST WALKBlitz One Year Anniversary
Monday, 06/07/2010 3:00 PM
There are ballets out there that everyone knows—chestnuts, like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, etc.. Then there are the ones that aren't so well known. As a more-than-casual (but not hard-core) ballet follower, Coppélia falls into the latter category for me. I imagine these must be the toughest to sell for ballet houses.
Friday, 06/04/2010 10:36 PM
Forget to buy tickets to the Seattle Art Museum’s sold-out Remix tonight? There's still hope. The first 100 guests at the door donning wigs get into the party for free. So if you absolutely cannot stomach the idea of missing out on the opportunity to hang at SAM after hours, swing by the costume store after work and buy yourself a nice head of synthetic hair. My sources tell me the lines usually start around 6:45 p.m., so the ticket-poor should arrive early.
Thursday, 06/03/2010 4:00 PM
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