Friday, 10/09/2009 2:00 PM
Seattle mag welcomes fashion correspondent Joan Kelly to the SCOOP blog! Kelly lends her fashion expertise to beginning this month in a recurring fashion & style video series.
Friday, 10/09/2009 10:00 AM
TGIF, folks! I’m back with a mishmash of a recap. Week 3 is over with today—which happens to be my birthday, look at me and my dedication—so we’ll focus on week 2. The highlight was definitely when MacKenzie and I had a private yoga session and I came to realize that my talents (which are still to be determined) must definitely lie elsewhere. She wanted me to do this.....
Thursday, 10/08/2009 7:00 PM
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9Luly Yang's Fall Fashion Showfashion
Thursday, 10/08/2009 11:00 AM
The new City Arts/Sound hybrid is out—definitely bigger than before and augmented with more music coverage—and guess what else? Their Blog Digest section includes a shout-out to one of my earlier posts, in which my grand ambitions were shot down by a tech glitch. The good news: they felt I "kept it together" during the freakout. The bad news: this sort of attention could be considered postitive reinforcement for blog whining...
Wednesday, 10/07/2009 5:00 PM
When you're a student low on cash (and who isn't), finding entertainment beyond the beer bash in the dorm (or frat) can be challenging. In my student days, I found that a great way to get beyond the party culture was to visit the UW theater culture as it played out in the University's theaters. Now one of them, the Jones Playhouse, is having a grand reopening celebration to mark a recently-completed $10 millon renovation. The theater, once a tile factory and then remodeled as a theater in the 1930s, opens the season on October 25 with The Tempest.
Wednesday, 10/07/2009 1:00 AM
Falling leaves, pashminas and pumpkins, oh my! Where did September go? All of the sudden people are layering and drinking Pumpkin lattes and I haven't even committed to a pair of fall boots.
Tuesday, 10/06/2009 12:00 PM
Friday, 10/02/2009 6:00 PM
Earlier this week, I popped into Plum Vegan Bistro on Capitol Hill at a press event to sample chef Makini Howell vegan southern-inspired offerings. Platters of quinoa sliders, Mac n Yease (vegan mac n cheese), and grilled teriyaki tofu kabobs with garlic and ginger mashed yams disappeared as the mostly-carnivorous crowd huddled in small groups, discussing the food.
Friday, 10/02/2009 12:00 PM
I've been getting a lot of questions about what the people are like that work out at David Barton. I don't know if you've heard but, apparently, Bellevue has a reputation for being a bit...snooty? I can tell you honestly that after living in L.A. for the last few years and working out there (occasionally...) I was way more intimidated walking into a gym there than I ever have been in Bellevue. Of course you'll see the occasional massive body builder, or someone who just tried out for Cirque De Soleil - one handed, headstand push-ups, anyone?
Friday, 10/02/2009 11:00 AM
It’s Friday and for our weekly update of all things fashion, it’s a no brainer: the buzz coming out of Bellevue Fashion Week. Here are a few quick highlights:
Thursday, 10/01/2009 2:00 PM
From watching films by local talent, eating and shucking oysters, and mad art by MadArt– these are our top to-do's for this Friday, Saturday and SundayFRIDAY, OCTOBER 212th Annual Local Sightings Film FestivalfilmGo local at this annual who's who of Northwest filmmakers >>more SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3Moore to Life Premiere
Thursday, 10/01/2009 10:00 AM
Wednesday, 09/30/2009 7:00 PM
Twilight fever is reaching ever higher in anticipation of New Moon, the second movie in the series, due in theaters in a little more than a month. If treading the ground covered by Bella and Edward in Forks doesn’t sate your thirst for all things vampire, start saving your pennies now for the ultimate Twilight tour – the Twilight Trails adventure offered by Intrepid Travel.
Wednesday, 09/30/2009 2:00 PM
The rumors are true: Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour is one blunt lady. Last night, I snuck out to the Seattle premier of RJ Cutler’s fascinating documentary about the woman behind the biggest fashion magazine in the world, The September Issue. In short, it’s fascinating to watch the creative process behind Vogue’s biggest issue of the year, how they decide what trends to feature, the amazingly-produced photo shoots and waiting to see what Wintour will like and what she just hates.
Wednesday, 09/30/2009 9:00 AM
Professional photographers look out -- a new iPhone app makes editing and sharing photos easier than ever “What good is a picture if you don’t share it?” asks Chase Jarvis, a Seattle-based photographer. We at Seattle mag agree. Which is why every Wednesday we'll be featuring a photo of the week here on our Scoop blog.
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