Thursday, 11/05/2015 7:51 PM
Must MeowEMP Gets Catty with Hello Kitty Exhibit(11/14, times vary) Meow! Hello Kitty turns 40! At Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty, the first exhibit of its kind at the EMP Museum, explore more than 600 Hello Kitty products, vintage treasures, artists' work from around the world and the infamous plush-toy-covered Hello Kitty dress worn by Lady Gaga. Curated by the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.
Thursday, 11/05/2015 7:47 PM
Must Be HungryCarrie Brownstein Reads at the Neptune TheatreFriday (11/6, 7 p.m.) Northwest native Carrie Brownstein, star of Portlandia, will read from her new book, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, at Seattle's Neptune Theatre. Brownstein will share her story of music and family drama and how those experiences shaped her evolution as an artist.
Thursday, 11/05/2015 6:40 PM
Anonymous is protesting Amazon. The hacktivist group, Anonymous, is partaking in their "Million Mask March," a global day of action to protest corruption and injustice. This year, their target is Amazon.
Wednesday, 11/04/2015 11:26 PM
Pebblebee's Stone
Bellevue-based Pebblebee made a name for itself last year with the Honey ($24.99 at, a small Bluetooth “key finder” device designed to help users keep track of oft-misplaced household items. This year the tech startup releases the Stone, a tiny gadget—roughly the size of a quarter—that looks like its namesake, except that it has a button on one side.
Wednesday, 11/04/2015 10:46 PM
As writers are well aware, we are in the throes of National Novel Writing (NaNoWriMo) mayhem. For those unfamiliar with the month-long event, NaNoWriMo challenges writers to complete the first draft of a novel by the end of November. Sound overwhelming? I definitely couldn't commit. NaNoWriMo is not for the faint of heart.
Wednesday, 11/04/2015 4:59 PM
Hopefully you're not currently stuck in the 17-mile backup on I-5 SB. Brutal. Either way, let's talk about what's happening in Seattle today.
Wednesday, 11/04/2015 4:57 PM
Erica Strauss is a self-proclaimed “edible plants hoarder.” The Northwest Edible Life blogger ( grows more than 100 fruits and vegetables; raises chickens and ducks; and makes beer, jam, and more in her Edmonds home. Strauss is also a leading voice among urban homesteaders who eschew the “just buy it” philosophy in favor of DIY. That means she makes her own deodorant and laundry detergent. Toilet paper? Not there yet.
Tuesday, 11/03/2015 1:58 AM
After the swirl of rumors, Amazon has finally announced that it will open a physical retail store--a bookstore called Amazon Books--in University Village. The store will be Amazon's first-ever brick-and-mortar bookstore, Geekwire reports, and will "sell top-rated books that are available on Amazon’s website and also feature Amazon hardware," all at the same price points as it does on the website.
Monday, 11/02/2015 11:00 PM
One year ago, the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM) debuted its Haub wing, designed to house a newly acquired collection of paintings depicting the American West. Many of the works portray an imagined, culturally inaccurate version of the region (some of the white European painters had never been there), so TAM took the somewhat radical step of including personal responses from contemporary Native Americans next to the standard plaques. The responses revealed how paintings of “fierce” or “proud” Indians made actual Native Americans feel about their heritage and its appropriation in art.
Monday, 11/02/2015 5:05 PM
Last week, Crosscut hosted its annual Courage Awards (Seattle Magazine was also a media sponsor) that recognize civic contributions by ordinary individuals who do extraordinary things.
Saturday, 10/31/2015 5:56 PM
Maybe Seattle’s magic is back; maybe it isn’t. The team got a few lucky breaks on the field Sunday, including a close-call touchdown by tight end Luke Wilson (who scored by the seat of his pants) and a missed call for a too-many-men-on-the-field penalty leading to a Dallas Cowboys field goal instead of a potential touchdown. 
Friday, 10/30/2015 5:04 PM
In 1943, humble farmers were forced to evacuate their homes in eastern Washington’s Hanford–Pasco–White Bluffs region to make way for a secret military project base that would later bring devastation to Japan during World War II. Roughly 40,000 workers were recruited by the DuPont Corporation and traveled miles to participate in the Manhattan Project—of those, 6,000 were African American.
Thursday, 10/29/2015 8:54 PM
Must ScreamSeattle Symphony to Perform Psycho Score(10/30 to 10/31, 8 p.m.) End the month with a scream as the orchestra performs Bernard Herrmann’s terrifying Psycho score live while the film plays on the big screen.
Thursday, 10/29/2015 7:41 PM
No, it’s not another farmers’ market produce variety. Squash—the indoor racquet sport often compared to racquetball—is about to take center stage as our region hosts some of its finest players.
Thursday, 10/29/2015 5:09 PM
It’s National Cat Day, and you know what that means: Uber kittens are out in full force. Request an UberKittens delivery today and a few fury friends will show up to hold, love or even adopt. Simply open the app between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., request some kittens and you have 15 minutes to spend with the adorable feline fur balls. There is a $30 fee, which will be used to support the Seattle Humane Society.