Thursday, 08/06/2015 8:10 PM
Must PartyHit the Streets at the SLU Block PartyFriday (8/7, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.) — The 11th installment of the SLU Block Party features food trucks, a Brave Horse Tavern beer garden, life-sized board games and live music from stellar local bands Kithkin, THEESatisfaction and Polyrhythmics. Proceeds benefit the Low Income Housing Institute and the South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce.
Thursday, 08/06/2015 7:44 PM
Beer: The cause of — and solution to — all of life’s problems. It might be the truest thing Homer Simpson ever said. It’s only fitting that we celebrate this enticing elixir with grand festivals that showcase our affections for it (at least until the next morning). We’re talking beer festivals here, and there are some great ones just around the corner to put a hop in your step as we head toward fall.  
Thursday, 08/06/2015 5:46 PM
Reducing gun violence is no easy task, but Seattle may be one vote away from a new gun tax to raise money for gun violence research and prevention, says KOMO News. With the new tax, dealers would pay $25 for every firearm sold, $.02 for every .22 caliber round and $.05 for other ammunition. Although the city estimates the tax will raise between $300,000 and $500,000 a year, gun dealers worry it will put them out of business.
Thursday, 08/06/2015 3:06 PM
washington state lighthouses, cape disappointment, pacific northwest lighthouses
Lighthouses, though primarily used for navigating rough waters by maritime boatfarers, have always struck me as the stuff that great lore and legends are made of. (Think of tales about the ghost of the dutiful lighthouse keeper or one of shipwrecks and marauders.) If a story needs a hauntingly beautiful scene or two, put a lighthouse in it. That's just what director, John Carpenter did for his famous 1980 horror film, The Fog, which was partially filmed in Point Reyes, Calif., the home of Point Reyes Lighthouse. 
Tuesday, 08/04/2015 5:56 PM
Tory & Tahnee
There’s something special about living in the Pacific Northwest. It’s like the whole world is alive; the forests, the valleys and those glorious mountains all pulse with a quiet, but very real energy that practically begs to be explored. That untamed wanderlust is what inspires the clothing line Wish You Were Northwest.
Tuesday, 08/04/2015 4:45 PM
If you’ve ever seen the HBO comedy Silicon Valley–specifically the episode featuring the Tech Crunch Disrupt competition where start-up company Pied Piper wins for its data compression software–you might have an idea of what Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is like. Last Friday, thousands of bright developers and future Microsoft hopefuls came together to examine what’s next on the software horizon.
Friday, 07/31/2015 7:11 PM
Tubing on the Wenatchee River out of Leavenworth
Washington, as we all know, is a land of many rivers: the winding Columbia, the raging Skykomish, the gentle Stillaguamish....I could go on and on. As lovely as these rivers are to look at, they're even better to float on. Just picture it-- the sun shining, birds soaring, and you, cool as a cucumber in your inntertube, floating leisurely past wildflower-dotted banks, laughing with friends while sipping a river-chilled beverage. Ahh, paradise.
Friday, 07/31/2015 6:15 PM
Zelko with the Supporters’ Shield  in Section 120—Gorilla FC’s home at CenturyLi
Four years ago, he gained notoriety for using Twitter (@Msbeervendor) to sell beer at Safeco Field. Three years later, he was back in the news for raising $25,000 to buy Seahawks jerseys for every kid at Seattle’s Kimball Elementary, where he taught special education. But now, Kevin Zelko is raising money for a much more personal cause: cancer research.
Friday, 07/31/2015 2:19 PM
Warmer Waters: KING 5 News states that a “blob” of warm water is expanding inland from the Pacific Ocean, causing water temperatures to be about four degrees higher than usual. Four degrees might not sound like a lot, but that small change can threaten marine life and increase toxins in the water.
Thursday, 07/30/2015 9:12 PM
Must Look UpBlue Angels Roar into Town (8/1 to 8/2) Love the spectacle or hate the noise, there's no denying the presence of the Blue Angels when they zoom into Seattle airspace. Hold onto your hats—and skittish dogs, too.
Wednesday, 07/29/2015 6:19 PM
Seafair Festivites: Grab your sunglasses and head to Lake Washington for Seafair weekend. The summer-long celebration will culminate with boat races, live music and family fun at Genesee Park in Rainier Valley. As always, the weekend highlight will be the Blue Angels and their dazzling-but-heartstopping aerial performances. Single-day tickets range from $10-$30 and can be purchased at Swing by tomorrow if you're on a budget-- it's free admission on Friday only!
Wednesday, 07/29/2015 4:09 PM
2005's "City Glow"
The environmental apocalypse is coming—but at least it’s awash in Technicolor. In the new show at the SAM Asian Art Museum, Chiho Aoshima: Rebirth of the World, the Japanese pop artist shares her vision of the future, where skyscrapers have minds (and bodies) of their own, red-eyed ghost girls drift along washed-out beaches, and puffy clouds have ominous linings.
Monday, 07/27/2015 9:10 PM
Nextdoor,  the social media network that connects neighbors with each other, didn’t set out to be the go-to site for crime and safety news. In fact, when it launched in 2011—the same year it started in Seattle—its founders envisioned the company as a sort of virtual forum: a place where neighbors could share information about local events, garage sales or lost pets. “People told us, ‘I just need a way to find a great babysitter,’” says Nextdoor spokesperson Kelsey Grady.
Monday, 07/27/2015 9:43 PM
Powermat charging station
Remember when powermats were all the rage? It seems like only a few months ago that the buzz was all about high-tech tables, lamps and desks that would eliminate the oh-so-analog process of plugging your phone in for a charge. Well, UW researchers don’t need no stinkin’ charging station—whatever form it might take.
Monday, 07/27/2015 6:48 PM
In our bi-monthly column, Knute Berger--who writes regularly for Seattle Magazine and and is a frequent pundit on KUOW--takes an in-depth look at some of the highly topical and sometimes polarizing issues in our city.Seattle loves to be at the top of various national lists, and a widely held belief is that we’re the fastest growing major city in America, which is not true.