Tuesday, 05/06/2014 8:40 PM
Death Cafes seattle magazine
Over on our sister site, Seattle Health, editor Niki Stojnic reported on a rather difficult, serious-sounding subject: death. And more importantly the efforts of Bastyr University to make that subject a little less difficult and serious-sounding. Stojnic writes:
Tuesday, 05/06/2014 4:32 PM
Just days before the March Oscars broadcast, reader Kevin Barry e-mailed us a Hollywood-movie-script-style critique of our March 2014 ZIP code story. We wanted to act it out and film it, but were too busy planning our next "lazy and lowbrow" batch of stories. Interior Conference room with ten person table, tastefully but sparsely decorated with modernist art including at least one glass piece that calls to mind Chihuly. Five players, casually dressed engage in a meeting
Tuesday, 05/06/2014 4:14 PM
give big seattle foundation seattle magazine
The Seattle Foundation’s one-day, online-only Give Big event is back on Tuesday, May 6, from 12 a.m. to 12 a.m., encouraging you to donate to your favorite local arts, environmental, civic, educational and health-related nonprofit organizations. Browse SF's extensive database of nonprofits to find the one (or several!) that calls to you and start giving.
Monday, 05/05/2014 11:25 PM
sea stars dying starfish dying seattle disease seattle magazine
Anyone can see the evidence on YouTube: a sea star (also known as a starfish) at the Vancouver Aquarium falling apart over seven hours in a one-minute time-lapse video. First, the middle of the star’s dark body flattens. Then, as the animal squirms all over the tank, its arms twist, pull free of its body and writhe independently. Soon after, the sea star dies. Seattle Aquarium staff veterinarian Dr. Lesanna Lahner has watched the video before, but still finds it unsettling from an ocean health perspective.
Monday, 05/05/2014 6:36 PM
exhibit at tacoma art museum matika wilbur project 562 seattle magazine
“What does it mean to be an indian? What is Indian enough?” These are questions artist Matika Wilbur asks her subjects as she travels across the country interviewing and photographing members of more than 560 federally recognized Native American tribes. You can hear the diverse answers via audio clips—and see the similarly varied portraits—in the new exhibit Photographic Proof of Contemporary Indians: Matika Wilbur’s Project 562.
Monday, 05/05/2014 4:39 PM
$15 minimum wage seattle magazine kshama sawant
[View the story "Mossback Monday " on Storify]
Wednesday, 04/30/2014 9:26 PM
things to do in seattle magazine
Must SeeSeattle Opera’s Tales Of Hoffmann Opens(5/3 to 5/17, times vary) — Seattle Opera’s season finale concerns a poet who experiences tragic love with a robot-doll, a soprano of delicate constitution and a devious courtesan—or at least that’s what he tells his drinking buddies. Spoiler alert: This time, it’s poetry that conquers all.
Monday, 04/28/2014 4:35 PM
mossback monday seattle magazine
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Friday, 04/25/2014 9:57 PM
custom car mats seattle magazine
Defiled by muddy feet, spilled lattes and crushed Cheerios, the car mat doesn’t get much respect. In fact, unless they’re being scrubbed, car mats aren’t given much thought at all. But Seattle-based high-end home furnishings company Curran ( aims to raise footwell fashion to new heights.
Thursday, 04/24/2014 9:01 PM
things to do in seattle magazine
Must SeeBethany On Stage at ACT(Through 5/4, times vary) — A middle-class woman hits the financial skids after the economic downturn, forcing her to use whatever means necessary in order to get her daughter out of foster care—including squatting in a foreclosed house occupied by a possibly unhinged man. Laura Marks’ gripping play is in good hands with Seattle director John Langs.
Thursday, 04/24/2014 9:30 PM
survive a tsunami in seattle magazine
Deeply troubled by recent natural disasters in Japan and Indonesia, former Boeing engineer Julian Sharpe saw a need to reimagine tsunami survival. His solution? The Survival Capsule (, a brightly colored, buoyant sphere, 4.5 feet in diameter, designed to enclose and protect people in the event of tsunamis—such as the towering wall of water expected to hit Cannon Beach, Oregon, if and when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurs along the Cascadia fault.
Thursday, 04/24/2014 8:42 PM
road trip ideas seattle magazine
Sebastian Simsch made me do it. Well, he didn’t really make me do anything but he definitely lured me onto the open road. While I was catching up with the Seattle Coffee Works owner at his then just-opened Ballard store a couple of years ago, he started telling me about a road trip he had taken with his family to various small towns in eastern Washington. The engaging way Simsch tells stories—his incredible recall for the most minute detail, punctuated with his German accent and dry humor—had me mentally scanning our family calendar to figure out when we could fit this trip in.
Tuesday, 04/22/2014 10:21 PM
Notable Seattleites and professional dancers from Century Ballroom strapped on their dancing shoes on Saturday, March 1 for Seattle Dances!, during which a record of more than $520,000 was raised for Plymouth Housing Group. Seattle magazine’s Ali Brownrigg was one of the celebrity judges, alongside Mayor Ed Murray and Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur.
Tuesday, 04/22/2014 8:39 PM
siff festival movies in seattle magazine
On a warm afternoon in mid-March, the sun is streaming through the tall windows of the Seattle International Film Festival offices. It’s the kind of miraculous spring day that locals would never consider rebuffing by heading into a movie theater to sit still in the dark. But for the last 40 years, SIFF has wagered that people will do just that—on even warmer, sunnier days in May and June—and the bet has paid off.   Watch the trailer for SIFF 2014:  
Monday, 04/21/2014 5:55 PM
siren app new dating app in seattle magazine
Women who’ve tried online dating know the drill: spend hours crafting a profile that precisely reflects the individual you are (and the individual you’d like to meet), set it live and get instantly bombarded with requests from men using a scattershot approach (send enough emails and something’s bound to hit!), men who clearly haven’t read your profile at all. It can be a bit demoralizing.