Wednesday, 08/27/2014 5:31 PM
When a bunch of winemakers travel from their vineyards so close to crush, they must have good reason. For more than five dozen Oregon winemakers traveling to Seattle on September 11, that reason is to spread the Burgundian-grape gospel at Pinot in the City.
Wednesday, 08/27/2014 4:29 PM
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Tuesday, 08/26/2014 5:58 PM
Back-to-school time was one of my most favorite times of the year. There were new outfits to show off (tip from junior high me: wear your best outfit the second day, not the first when everyone is distracted with their unfamiliar schedules and locker combos), new pastel color-encased mechanical pencils to use, new books to cover, potential new crops of cute boys to ogle. Sheer glory.
Tuesday, 08/26/2014 4:24 PM
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Monday, 08/25/2014 4:22 PM
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Friday, 08/22/2014 7:07 PM
space needle revamped, digital experience, space spots, skypad
The most recognized symbol of Seattle has gotten an experience overhaul, and locals may want to consider scheduling another visit. Last month, the Space Needle introduced a new interactive element that lets you view Seattle and the iconic building itself in a whole new light.
Friday, 08/22/2014 5:52 PM
pumpkin spice latte, psl, fall, autumn, starbucks, early, summer
Hope you enjoy the last five days of summer because according to the masses, fall starts when Pumpkin Spice Lattes return. Starbucks has officially announced that the "PSL," as the delicious sweet and spicy drink has been lovingly nicknamed, will be made available on August 26 this year. That's earlier than its usual first-week-of-September appearance.
Thursday, 08/21/2014 6:27 PM
Must CheerRed Bull Soapbox RaceSunday (8/24, 1 p.m.) — Seattle's creative and adventurous makers will compete in this infamous race, in which 41 teams will careen down Yesler Way in homemade non-motorized vehicles. Expect crowds (the last race drew 40,000), hilarity (each team must perform a skit before shoving off) and cars themed around popular Seattle icons like Jimi Hendrix, Bertha, the Fremont Troll and yes, Macklemore.
Thursday, 08/21/2014 4:57 PM
Star architect Tom Kundig of Seattle-based biz Olson Kundig Architects talks to Crosscut about the books and authors that inspire him. He notes that he "[doesn't] read design or architecture magazines very often, and rarely [reads] blogs." Well, then.
Wednesday, 08/20/2014 7:10 PM
Neumos [Capitol Hill]
Wednesday, 08/20/2014 7:39 PM
Forget basketball. We may have an NHL hockey team soon. But what should it be called? It appears the name "Seattle Sea Lions" is making some waves. Good grief. Another shooting has happened. King 5 news reports that a drive-by shooting in Kent has left two dead at the corner of S. 212th St. and 64th Avenue S.
Wednesday, 08/20/2014 6:00 PM
Since that glorious February day when the Seahawks smiled, waved and wended their way through countless fans gathered for the Super Bowl parade, our champs have continued to make headlines: Russell Wilson got a divorce, Richard Sherman got into a fight at training camp and Marshawn Lynch got naked in the “body issue” of ESPN The Magazine. What does this all portend for our first season as Super Bowl stars? And what about the loss of notable players Golden Tate, Chris Clemons and Walter Thurmond?
Tuesday, 08/19/2014 4:09 PM
news roundup
Weather this week: Sunny with some clouds. More sunny skies predicted for the weekend.As reported by Gunfire investigation in West Seattle last night. Gunshots were reported for the second night in a row in West Seattle's North Delridge neighborhood near 23rd and Juneau. No injuries; it may have been a drive-by shooting.
Monday, 08/18/2014 7:53 PM
hyatt regency, bellevue, arts, tateuchi center, eastside arts
For years, the only physical evidence of the Tateuchi Center in Bellevue has been in a dim corner of the downtown Hyatt Regency hotel lobby. There, in a preview center, sits a glass-encased balsa wood model of a 2,000-seat concert hall; mounted television screens cycle through photos of imagined future acts and a row of theater chairs summon the ambiance of opening night. It’s the footprint of a project expected to draw world-class performers and to serve as the nexus of the Eastside’s cultural hub. 
Monday, 08/18/2014 5:12 PM
If you’ve noticed a series of mysterious poles popping up in the Central and Chinatown–International districts, you may have wondered—are they not-so-subtle NSA spying devices? Beacons for drones? Signs of an alien invasion? The truth is out there, and while it’s perhaps less enigmatic, it’s exciting nonetheless. The silvery shafts are part of a public art installation heralding the new First Hill Streetcar, scheduled to open this fall.