Tuesday, 04/19/2011 6:00 PM
SNOQUALMIEA small mountain town with historic attractions and a decent brewery, Snoqualmie offers proximity to the city while maintaining a distinct sense of rustic charm. Own141 Kearny Drive, Snoqualmie Pass$475,000Annual property tax: $2,800Elevation: 3,000 feetTwo-story cabin-style home with four bedrooms and two full baths that was previously used as a vacation rental, complete with cozy fireplace and wood floors.
Tuesday, 04/19/2011 6:08 PM
MOUNTAINEERING GUIDES Rainier Mountaineering Inc.Mount Rainier, Mount Shuksan, Forbidden Peak
Tuesday, 04/19/2011 5:49 PM
Besides the oft-traveled road to Hurricane Ridge outside Port Angeles (see page 107), here are five more Washington mountains you can summit in the relative comfort of your automobile.
Tuesday, 04/19/2011 5:31 PM
Our state is home to five active or potentially active stratovolcanoes—tall, conical mountains built up over the centuries by layer upon layer of volcanic material. Until Mount St. Helens’ catastrophic blast in 1980, these mountains were the stuff of science fairs and history books. Now, many of us know terms such as pyroclastic flow (a fast-moving current of hot gas) and lahar (a volcanic debris flow along a river valley), and recognize these giants as powerful neighbors who can change our lives—and the places we call home—with one big burp.
Tuesday, 04/19/2011 5:57 PM
Rumors have circulated for years that Washington’s Cascades are the native habitat of Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch). Some certainly emanate from events that occurred (or not) one evening in 1924 in a canyon—ever since known as Ape Canyon (elevation: 4,200 feet)—southeast of Mount St. Helens. A group of miners shot at a mysterious 7-foot-tall apelike creature that was milling around the makeshift cabin they had built in the canyon to assay a nearby claim.
Tuesday, 04/19/2011 5:03 PM
Going Downhill Here’s a handful of familiar snowsport options, plus one that’s a little out there. Visit for more. The Summit at Snoqualmie (elevation: 5,420 feet)For a quick after-work ski session, head to Seattle’s closest resort. For the price of one lift ticket, you can enjoy four ski areas that accommodate the shy beginner as well as the experienced backcountry skier, day and night.Adult lift ticket: $58
Tuesday, 04/19/2011 4:50 PM
On a damp spring day, Seattle floral designer Katherine Anderson climbs a tree in some woods south of Duvall. She clips and collects delicate fronds of licorice fern—which she’ll use as bouquet greenery at her Capitol Hill flower shop Marigold and Mint—then shinnies back down to the ground. Just 30 miles east of Seattle, Anderson’s 100-acre family-owned forest grows cheek by jowl with suburbia, but thanks in part to those little fern fronds, it is—for now—safe from conversion into housing or a mall.
Monday, 04/18/2011 10:25 PM
We love SIFF, but sometimes the hugeness of our local film fest can be a tad overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be cool to attend a film festival where you didn’t have to stand in line or scramble for good seats? Say, a film festival in your living room? Enter FILM FESTIVAL IN A BOX, an interactive movie game developed by the Seattle-based independent film distribution company IndieFlix. The Film Festival in a Box ($14.99) is exactly that—a small, delivery-pizza-style cardboard box containing a DVD with four themed award-winning independent short films.
Monday, 04/18/2011 10:48 PM
The idea of training for a triathlon can be more intimidating than the race itself.  As overwhelming as it sounds, signing up for a race and training for one is easier than you think. Lucky for you, Seattle is an ideal place to train for your first triathlon with our long spring and summer days, clean lakes, and year-round running and cycling routes (as long as you don’t mind a little rain). A few tips for getting started:
Monday, 04/18/2011 10:51 PM
ARTARTIST: Scott Fife, sculptor working in sodoKNOWN FOR: Sculptures of heads—Kurt Cobain, Brigitte Bardot, Popeye, Bruce Lee—made from scraps of cardboard held together with glue and screws.ON DISPLAY: 5/19–7/2. Free. Times vary. Platform Gallery (in the Tashiro-Kaplan arts complex), 114 Third Ave.; 206.323.2808; BD: How do you choose your subjects?
Monday, 04/18/2011 7:21 PM
You know where to go when things get tough: the spa. Soothing music, herbal tea, fluffy towels and a massage—your favorite pamper palace sets the mood for calm and relaxation. But more and more, those bastions of serenity are located in the last place most of us go to unwind: the hospital.
Thursday, 04/14/2011 6:59 PM
Haiku Reviews: For arts lovers short on time! A Haiku Review of This: The playwright loves wordsNearly chokes her actors, butNick Garrison rules. Melissa James Gibson's contemporary relationship drama,This, plays at the Seattle Rep through May 15th.
Thursday, 04/14/2011 6:45 PM
Given the hype surrounding the Fleet Foxes’ self-titled debut album in 2008, you might have thought the local band invented an entirely new music genre. Among the abundant accolades for the alt-folkies (led by Lake Washington High School grads Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset) was the designation “album of the year” by Billboard magazine’s Critics’ Choice awards. Locally, you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a Foxes show. And then? ThiFlengs went awfully quiet. Music bloggers wondered whether the band might have returned to its den for good.
Thursday, 04/14/2011 6:35 PM
Must JoinColumbia City Bakery’s CSBNeed a brioche, stat? Columbia City Bakery’s Community Supported Bakery (CSB) program delivers baked goods weekly to members at one of nine Seattle pickup sites (host your own site and get a 10 percent discount). The next six-week season begins on April 12, so sign up online for specialty loaves, biscotti, macaroons for Passover, hot cross buns for Easter and more (minimum order: $100/season). Sweet! Must SeeEMP's Nirvana Exhibit
Thursday, 04/14/2011 4:00 PM
Years ago, my photograph appeared in Seattle Weekly as part of a spoof on mountain climbing. I posed in a parking lot in SoDo with an ice ax, standing in front of a building with a picture of Mount Rainier painted on the wall. Let’s just say I am not exactly the embodiment of physical conditioning, but I do have a beard. Days later, a clerk at my local QFC recognized me. “Aren’t you a famous mountaineer?” she asked.