Friday, 04/20/2012 12:04 AM
Action figures seem to be everywhere. On a shelf at home, Sigmund Freud, cigar in hand, is often in a death struggle with his counterpart, C.G. Jung. (My wife is a psychotherapist.) I’m amused at how these playthings get incorporated into my granddaughters’ games when they visit—there’s an absence of Barbies at our place. The other day, the two plastic shrinks battled against a black windup robot. No word on whether they triumphed over the giant mechanical id.
Friday, 04/20/2012 12:45 AM
Few foods look more fetching on the plate than fiddleheads, those vibrant green coils that emerge in moist forests each spring. Aptly named, a fiddlehead is the new growth of a fern, with a curled spiral that resembles the scroll on a violin’s neck. Fiddleheads begin to emerge in March or April in the Seattle area and are abundant by early May (although at higher elevations, you can continue to harvest fiddleheads well into late spring).
Thursday, 04/19/2012 11:43 PM
Remember how creepy it was when those disembodied feet kept washing up on the shores of BC? Some posited that it was the result of a serial killer, or a plane crash, or a human trafficking ring.
Thursday, 04/19/2012 11:27 PM
Even in the harsh, unforgiving light of the iPad era, the longstanding tradition of print literary magazines hasn’t lost its luster. Recently, three independent journals showcasing writing and art (mostly by locals) have begun to establish themselves in the Seattle literary scene. Follow them the old-fashioned way: by picking up copies at local newsstands and independent bookstores. MONARCH REVIEW
Thursday, 04/19/2012 9:46 PM
MUST SEEKyle Abraham: Live! The Realest MCOpens Thursday (4/19-4/22) - Puppet fever is in the air. As Spectrum Dance Theater concludes its final weekend of the stunning adult puppet drama Petruchska, emerging contemporary NYC dance star Kyle Abraham presents a new piece co-commissioned by Seattle’s On the Boards—in which he explores gender roles, hip hop celebrity and Pinocchio’s classic quest to become a “real boy.”
Thursday, 04/19/2012 4:11 PM
Stop by Sole Repair in Capitol Hill (1001 East Pike St., for the Off Hours reading series, featuring among others, former Rocket editor Charles Cross and Open Books co-owner Christine Deavel. Doors open at 7:30pm, which gives you plenty of time to order a specialty cocktail (always named after one of the readers) before the show starts at 8pm. Admission is $5 at the door and the atmosphere is usually lively. A complete lineup from the Off Hours newsletter after the jump:
Thursday, 04/19/2012 12:16 AM
If the walls of the century-old Washington Hall in Seattle’s Central District could talk, they would recall legendary happenings, including performances by Billie Holiday and Jimi Hendrix. But the former community dance hall may not have seen anything quite like Café Nordo, an event featuring an elusive chef (or team of chefs; it’s a secret) who surfaces in Seattle sporadically to produce memorable nights of original theater integrated with a carefully themed menu of locally sourced and adventurously prepared food and libations.
Thursday, 04/19/2012 12:57 AM
“I’m actually not that great of a brewer,” confesses Ballardite Todd Gehman, founder of the homebrew recipe sharing website Hopville ( “I’m much better at making a site for brewers.” He’s certainly right about the latter.
Wednesday, 04/18/2012 11:18 PM
“The problem is, we don’t have enough walls.” It sounds ironic, coming from Joe McKinstry, owner of prominent Seattle homebuilding and remodeling company Joseph McKinstry Construction Company. But once you experience the sheer volume of art in his house—a lovely Mount Baker Craftsman, where he lives with his wife, Jill, director of the University of Washington’s Odegaard Undergraduate Library—it makes sense. Every wall is filled with paintings, drawings and sculpted objects, almost all by local artists.
Wednesday, 04/18/2012 10:51 PM
Tutankhamun would likely have been less than amused by Steve Martin’s musical tribute to him on Saturday Night Live back in 1978—the very same year the wildly successful Treasures of Tutankhamun world tour hit Seattle.
Wednesday, 04/18/2012 9:06 PM
For the first time in its 37-year history, the Seattle International Film Festival has selected a film that was locally produced and shot by a Seattle filmmaker for its opening-night gala. Could this be a hint that local independent moviemaking is finally gaining some cred? Signs point to yes.
Tuesday, 04/17/2012 8:50 PM
I don't want to give too much away, because the best parts about Petruchska (plays through April 22) should be stumbled upon – like many of the steps I almost tripped over while wending my way with the rest of opening night audience through the dark passages inside the transformed Madrona Bathhouse studios, where Spectrum Dance Theater has its enviable home.
Thursday, 04/12/2012 7:37 PM
Over 150 restaurants are participating in Seattle Restaurant Week (April 8-12 and April 15-19), wherein each restaurant is offering a three-course set menu for $28. Visit the entire list of participating restaurants on the Seattle Restaurant Week website.
Thursday, 04/12/2012 7:18 PM
MUST TASTEPickled Egg!We dare you to order the pickled egg at Blue Glass in Ballard. A modern take on the old-time bar grub staple, this savory treat brings a rainbow of pink, purple and yellow to your table for only $1.50 at happy hour. The Blue Glass is one of the best restaurant happy hours called out in our April issue; read the full list at 
Tuesday, 04/10/2012 10:41 PM
^ “Glass is one of those materials that have been incorporated into so many of the banal parts of our landscape; commercially, domestically and technologically we use it and are surrounded by it.