Friday, 10/24/2014 4:38 PM
Updated: A shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School, just north of Seattle, occured this morning at around 10:40 a.m. It is confirmed that two people are dead, including the shooter. For all the latest updates and live coverage go to King 5 news here.
Thursday, 10/23/2014 9:32 PM
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If you’ve been following the career of David Bazan (center of main photo above) you know he moved from lead singer and songwriter for indie-darling band Pedro the Lion to existential crisis to creating acclaimed solo work. For his newest album, David Bazan + Passenger String Quartet, he bonded with Seattle’s most sought-after experimental neoclassical backing band, led by Andrew Joslyn. Bazan’s beautiful voice recalls Elvis Costello, and is a perfect, scratchy complement to the beautiful strings aching underneath. 
Thursday, 10/23/2014 7:29 PM
Must SeeLocal B-Boys Showcase the Art of Breakdancing(10/23 to 10/26, times vary) Recently, Seattle-based choreographer Amy O’Neal has explored feminism by way of her own kickass hip-hop dance performances. In Opposing Forces, she steps behind the scenes, setting a new dance piece on five local B-Boys from different breakdancing crews, and in the process, questions stereotypes and assumptions in this urban subculture.
Thursday, 10/23/2014 7:02 PM
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Bravo TV's 12th season of Top Chef premiered last Wednesday. This year, a new crop of culinary masters takes their knives to Boston and boy, is the competition stiff. Two chefs have already packed up those knives and left the show–last night their departure was because of a slightly undercooked veal chop.
Thursday, 10/23/2014 6:26 PM
Richard has lived in Seattle for 32 years. In 2001, he moved into a small, one-bedroom apartment on Capitol Hill, where rent was $650 a month. In 2013, new building owners made some general improvements and then began raising rents. His bill jumped to $1,000. Then $1,200. Over the course of the next 18 months, his rent increased every few months—which caused many of his fellow tenants to leave, until he was one of only four of the original 30 remaining. “Last month, I wrote a check for over $1,600.
Thursday, 10/23/2014 5:40 PM
Curbed Ski released a big list of the best ski country dive bars, with a few in Washington State. Among the nearby favrorites? Mount Si Pub in North Bend, Wash., and The Snorting Elk Cellar in Enumclaw, Wash.  
Wednesday, 10/22/2014 7:24 PM
I live in West Seattle. I take the RapidRide C Line into downtown every day. The distance from my bus stop on Findlay Street SW to the Seattle magazine offices is 6.4 miles. Yesterday morning, it took me one hour to go 6.4 miles.
Wednesday, 10/22/2014 5:21 PM
There are 5,000 new legit words that SCRABBLE players can use without fear of a challenge. A sampling of those words: Chillax, Hashtag, Texter and, of course, Selfie. 
Tuesday, 10/21/2014 7:31 PM
Peggy Piacenza has been dancing for more than 25 years, collaborating with prominent avant-garde choreographers such as Dayna Hanson, Pat Graney and Deborah Hay. Touch Me Here is her first full-length solo piece, a “movement memoir” informed in part by Lotan Baba (the “rolling saint” of India) and the Fellini film Nights of Cabiria. Using a one-two punch of humor and pathos, Piacenza blends dance, film and theater with original music performed live by cellist Scott Bell. 11/20–11/22. 8 p.m. $15–$20.
Tuesday, 10/21/2014 7:57 PM
Tucked away on a sliver of Third Avenue near Jackson Street in Pioneer Square is the Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum, where exhibits offer a quick course in how law enforcement has worked in Seattle since the first marshal was hired in the 1860s. You’ll see badges, uniforms, guns, nightsticks and the mustachioed faces of the men in Stetsons or blue helmets who kept order back in the day. You’ll see the antique shackles, rubber hoses and black jacks (batons) that were common tools of the police trade in the days before drones, armored vehicles and SWAT teams.
Tuesday, 10/21/2014 5:41 PM
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Tuesday, 10/21/2014 6:04 AM
Diwali, lit from within, seattle diwali celebrations, diwali in seattle, indian
Diwali, the vibrant, Indian multi-day festival commenced yesterday according to the Hindu lunar calendar (it is also celebrated by Sikh and Jain communities with slightly different practices). For most Hindus, Diwali is extremely significant in bringing about new beginnings as it coincides with the Hindu new year. It is a holiday that is celebrated with as much fervor and zeal as Christmas is by most Christians. The scene is vastly different, however.
Tuesday, 10/21/2014 4:18 AM
The launch of EA Maxis' The Sims 4 in early September may have been met with disappointment by many long-time fans of the popular video game for its lack of basic features (no pools or toddlers) and restrictive movement (loading screens just to take a walk), but that hasn't stopped players from creating and uploading over 2.5 million pieces of customized content to date.
Tuesday, 10/21/2014 12:16 AM
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Tony Award-winning musical "Kinky Boots" is in town and if you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out. With its extravagant glimmering costumes and overall levity, this show is getting rave reviews from Seattle audiences. It's playing at the 5th Avenue Theatre (1308 5th Ave) until October 26 and luckily you can still snag some tickets here.
Monday, 10/20/2014 7:00 PM
Well this is interesting. ESPN's Bill Simmons speculated last week in an episode ofBill and Jalen's 2014-15 Preview about the hefty profit NBA owners could potentially make if they sell the Milwaukee Bucks franchise to Seattle, and theorized that it was even likely to happen given that Milwaukee still hasn't found a location for the arena it only has a year left to build. Watch the conversation for yourself here (the salient dialogue starts around the 11 minute mark):