All Hail the Return of World Pizza!

The Belltown pizzeria reopens after 15 years, and yes, that potato pizza will be on the menu, too.
| Updated: November 27, 2018

I recently happened across an online commenter lamenting the pizza options in Belltown. The post was entitled “Bring Back World Pizza.”

Well commenter: wish, granted.

Brothers Adam Cone and Aaron Crosleycone (a mashup of his last name and new wife Wren Crosley’s maiden name) are reopening the pizza joint that fed the musicians playing the Crocodile and all their hungry fans, late into the night way back in the heyday early 90’s. Remember the Sit-n-Spin, the Weathered Wall, or the Speakeasy Cafe? If so, chances are you had a slice of World Pizza.

After closing the shop in 1996 (and a fifteen year hiatus, which Adam spent baking on Vashon Island and Aaron spent dealing antiques and in appraisals), the two are reopening World Pizza in a small space in the International District in June (at 672 S King St.; of course the original location on Lenora is now a Starbucks).

And yes, the Cone brothers promise they’ll bring back the famous roasted potato, gorgonzola and rosemary pizza that many still crave, even after all these years. Follow their progress and check out some photos of the old shop on World Pizza's Facebook page.